Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bangsar: Antipodean, Alexis and Milk & Butter.

One fine Monday morning, the whole bunch of us (as seen in picture below) woke up at some ungodly hour and rushed to the airport to send our lenglui Cheryl off.
Cheryl ah Cheryl, have fun in New Zealand okay T.T
Cheryl: The girl in white lol. Sixth person from the left.
Then of course there's me on the far left in long pants cause AIRPORT DAMN COLD K.

After the whole teary/sad/depressing farewell session, we hungry people decided to nomz in Bangsar.
Here are some flowers to lighten the dreary mood, heh.
@ Antipodean.

A quote taken at Milk and Butter.
True story. (We went into Milk&Butter but didn't order anything!)
And so along the lines of "leisurely breakfast", here are more photos. Of my.. Breakfast. LOL.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with Antipodean's Big Breakfast: A huge plate consisting osautéed mushrooms, scrambled eggs, toast, hashbrown and bacon strips or chicken/beef/pork sausage.
Big Breakfast: RM 20. The tomatoes aren't supposed to be there. I hijacked them from another friend :P
Initially, Xinwen and I ordered one plate to share. But turns out ONE WASN'T ENOUGH omg. 
Who knew us girls could be such big eaters. 
Big Breakfast with bacon strips.
Big Breakfast with chicken sausage. (Second helping!)
Honestly, although many people rave about the eggs, I found them a wee bit disappointing. Not buttery enough maybe? Just wasn't to my liking.
The mushrooms were super good though! :D Would definitely have them again some time soon.
The toast was toast, hashbrown was better than McD's, bacon and sausage = your average bacon and sausage.
Overall an overhyped dish, but I'd still order it next time just for the mushrooms!

Mochachino (Hot): RM 9.00
LOOK AT THAT! Coffee art :D
Now now, a meal is only complete when there's dessert, so say hello to these cakes from Alexis..
Tiramisu: RM 16.00
Black & White Chocolate: RM 13.00
Pavlova: RM 16.00
The larvely Caimay.
The decor at Milk&Butter! An interesting touch :D
What's a gathering without a groupie?
Happy photo of happy people to end the post!


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