Wednesday, December 22, 2010

USA Haul.

Yeahh, mom's finally back from USA. After about 60 days.

I'm tired. And I'm craving for gummy bears.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

DIY collage.

Oh, they're normal. For me, at least.

And looky! What time is it already? 07:49AM. Shits, I'll probably die later on throughout the day. And I've got Addmaths tuition. *Horrified*

But what can I do. I mean, it's not like I can do anything to make myself sleep. No, I'm not considering sleeping pills; they're scary. So I've been working on this since about 2 or 3 AM.
Good old magazines. See! I keep them got purpose one okay! *Looks at grandma, who forever nags me for hoarding useless junk. Gahhh.*

Ahh. Messy room. DIE.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with the ribbon. I want the... Bulletin board(??) to have a touch of glamour :D
Yehh, I'm cool like that.

Halfway done board thingy.
Shall complete the rest when I have the mood/inspiration/energy. Now I'm drop-dead tired.

Eh I know it may seem like I used a super long time to only complete it HALFWAY, but it's not easy flipping through tons of magazines, on the lookout for nice photos.

And I actually try to avoid photos with faces. Cause I don't want to wake up every morning and look at some random, unknown person's face. It's creepy.
Hell, I'd rather look at hands and feet. Although it may seem creepier for some.

I feel so happy all of a sudden :O
Oh, I think I know why!

01. My first bigger-scale board thingy for my room! :D Previous ones were on miserable A4 papers.

02. I hardly ever do anything Arts & Crafts. So this is an accomplishment :D :D :D

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random pictures.

After everything, life's good (:

And since I've got lots of spare time now, I'm gonna randomly abuse my camera. Evil laugh.

Hello Squashy, you want kuaci?

Can you see what she's doing? She was standing up to reach the camera lens :D
Shut up, she's cute.

Why this? Well, cause I've seen a lot of this Be Delicious perfume photos being taken. And of course I can't seem to produce those kind of stuff. So yeah.

Remember my chandelier with those retarded, ugly wiring?
No? Click THIS.

So yep, it's fixed. And everything's nice and pretty, just as how it should be. Mwahah! Lights on people!

Oh, now, I'm really excited. Heading out to Kl with the girls tomorrow.
:D :D :D

Last day of CPE.

Ohhh yeahhh (;

Last day of Cambridge ESOL. Ever. Wheee!

Let's start with a happy group shot with the invigilators.

And then the serious face. With the formal tie and all that jazz.

Doink face. Well, yeah, English's all about self-expression, no? Show your emotions and free your soul. Blahh.

See what I mean? Expression is key. Keep that in mind.

Poses are good. Act lala, cute, whatever. It shows that you still have a sense of humour.

And of course, as teenagers, we need to show our mischievous side once in a while. Prevents things from being boring, you see.

Oh, fyi, Linrui and I were eavesdropping on another pair of candidates who went into the exam room before us. Miow. Just to see what the examiners were asking, you know. Miow miow.

And we got busted by the invigilators.

See those eyebags? Tsk, I need some serious beauty sleep.

Hello :D

I know I'm sexayy. You jealous? I know you are. Fuck off, bitch. Xoxo. *bitch face*
Note: For example of *bitch face*, refer to photo.

I've known Joash for 4 years, and Linrui for 3. Wow. I pro, can make friendships last ;P

La dee dum dum. Linrui's off to Australia, and Joash's heading to England soon. Boo-hoo :/

My CPE Speaking Test.

I screwed up real bad this time for CPE Speaking Test. So bad until the interlocutor had to stop me. Eff my life.
See that photo above? Yeah, that's me on my way to hell, but in a cute little outfit. Die in style.

OH, and I saw this dude. I think he's about 40 plus? Or late 30s, maybe? I don't know. All I know is that he's a lecturer in some college. And he's taking the same paper as I am, wtf? Do you know how inferior I felt? D:

And to make matters worse, I doubt the examiners knew how old I was, cause I had to talk about Consumer Society. Judging from how the topic sounds, it seems to me as a bit of an Economics topic, but really. Wtf is that?

So I talked crap. And hell, I didn't manage to pull it off at all. The interlocutor could obviously tell. Gah.
Story of my life, I can't talk bull. Not even to save my life.

I got back home, and decided to Google.

Web definitions for Consumer society

Consumerism is a social and economic order that is based on the systematic creation and fostering of a desire to purchase commodity goods in ever ... - Definition in context

Fuck my life.

I take Economics and I swear I haven't heard Tr Johnson mention anything like that so far. And they expect me to know.

Heck, you can throw me other questions, like Advertising, Marketing, maybe even Accounting. At least I can try to save my darned soul. But this, heck, I haven't even came across such a topic before.

Buhbye A. Hey B, are you ready to make me the luckiest girl on earth? I'm expecting you, C.

Yep. Hello C.

ps; There's good news. Today marks the end of my days taking Cambridge ESOL papers. BAM. Photos up in the next post!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Random photos.

Caught your attention?

"You suck."
"Oh yeah? Well, fine. I suck, and you blow." *horny face*

That got your attention too?
Mwahah :P

So okay, my Internet's finally decided to be kind to me. So photos up! :D

Xinwen came over to my house today :D :D :D
For what? Girly stuff, pampering, you know, all that stuff. And dvds.

And as you can see above, her camwhoring skill. Is. Just. Brill. Wow.
I look good with one eye, ehh?

And speaking of eyes. Here's xinwen with her eye photo.
Look closely and you'll see me :D

Ignore the shitty background. This is actually a nice photos. Again, minus the background, of course.

Miow. Free advertising.

I really ought to clean up my room. It's in a horrible state, I'm afraid :/

Hahah :P

Oh and these two photos are absolutely lovely :D


Don't ask. Xinwen said she likes this. Eh, it's kind of weird though. I don't have a nose.

Umm. Kay.

This, I have to admit, is weird and somewhat pointless. Shut up if you don't have anything nice to say D:

Would look more like a bookworm with my new glasses.

And hey, of course I have to include a camwhore shot. Duh.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

My brother is a destroyer.

Some times, people just don't seem to understand why or how Sebastian can be annoying. Yes, he's my brother and he's only 5, but still.

"He's still young" comes off as a pretty invalid reason, okay?

It may be just a fridge magnet, but I think it's pretty.
Heck, it's even pretty after it's broken.

So can you imagine how omg-pretty-looking it actually is D: D: D:

Superglue to the rescue, perhaps? :/