Monday, July 29, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me.

Am actually working on another post, but my 8y/o brother is being a bully at the moment, hogging the computer cause "Jie jie, I WANNA PLAY TOMB RAIDER." -.-
The photos I have been meaning to upload are stuck in there. So yeah, thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and do this tag instead! (Temporary filler post is what this is :P)

01. I'm scared of ants.
02. I dislike dark chocolate.
03. I burn. It's impossible for me to tan.
04. I'm half Hainanese and half Cantonese.
05. I always have a hair tie on my wrist.

06. I can't put on a straight face for more than 10 seconds no matter how hard I try.
07. I'm allergic to kiwis, pineapples and oranges.
08. I love making lists.
09. I hate taking showers.
10. I love eating cherry tomatoes.

11. I used to think Otak-Otaks were really brains. Only found out that they're just fish paste at the age of 18. So embarrassing.
12. I have a perfume collection.
13. I don't eat roasted pork at all.
14. I'm horrible at putting on false lashes.
15. I don't eat bitter gourds.

16. Hate shopping for shoes.
17. I like drinking water cause it makes me feel healthy.
18. I sleep with my hair tied up.
19. My alarm ringtone is Gangnam Style by PSY. 
20. I've always had short hair up till the age of 13.

21. Minions = LOVE.
22. I don't drink beer. I only drink Strongbow.
23. I dislike cheetah/leopard prints.
24. I love playing Tomb Raider.
25. Am still using an iPhone 3GS.

26. I got my ears pierced at the age of 3.
27. My alcohol tolerance is ridiculously low.
28. I love love love chilli panmee. 
29. I can only do the breaststroke. Idk how to do Freestyle/Backstroke/Butterfly.
30. I have a driving license but hardly ever drive.

31. I was a gymnast.
32. I can't survive without my planner.
33. I can't sing.
34. I am currently attending Guzheng classes :D
35. I add salt into my carbonated drinks.

36. I hate Coke.
37. I don't eat egg yolks.
38. I have to file my nails every time I cut them.
39. I can walk/jump with my toes curled.
40. My Malay is really rubbish.

41. I can arch my brows one at a time.
42. I'm bad at folding clothes.
43. I'm scared of eye drops.
44. I can finish a whole box of Camembert cheese at one go, because I love it THAT MUCH.
45. Just last year, I've had chilli panmee EVERY SINGLE DAY for lunch for 2 consecutive months.

46. I've only ice-skated twice.
47. I can't wink. 
48. I don't eat steamed fish.
49. I like oversized sunnies. Or Lalat sunnies, as I call them :D
50. When I was younger, I used to think that to delete files on a computer, one will have to literally use an eraser to erase documents after dismantling the CPU.

So I guess that's it for this tag? Heh, surprisingly found it rather challenging to think of 50. I need to get to know myself better, it seems.. :O



  1. 09. I hate taking showers.
    Tats really funny... loved tat...hahaha

    1. You sound like and interesting and fun person....