Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hong Kong Trip: Part 2 of 3

I've been super busy lately: flying to Penang and then to Bangkok.. Omg such a hectic month.

I daresay it's fair for me to call myself a frequent flyer. Been flying to 3 different places in the span of 1 MONTH :O (that's 6 airplane rides, mind you!)
So sick and tired of having to pack, unpack, pack again, unpack..
Anyways, I've had enough of travelling for now.

Right. Without further ado, I shall begin Part 2 of my Hong Kong stay :D

* * *
Fave place I visited throughout my entire HK trip! Located near Repulse Bay, *ahem where all the highclass/filthyrich stay*, Stanley is a very picturesque spot and is uber popular, espcially with tourists and expats. 
I swear, these pictures do no justice to the actual scenery.
And of course, being Asian, I kennot resist the temptation to pose pose pose.
Unfortunately my mom didn't quite know how to zoom in on the camera -.-
Here's another shot, after a 5min crash course on camera zoom HAHA.
Look what I found in the righthand picture above tsk tsk.

Grossness aside, here are a couple of photos of me looking stupid. Yes, I was a gymnast, but that was what, 10 years ago? I stopped training around 8 or 9 y/o. Go ahead and laugh hahaha.

See, I'm not the only one going googoogaga. Even the locals come here:
So many dogs. These people confirm damn loaded with kaching. Because rich people love dogs.

Oh btw, if you're into shopping, fret not! For there is a "shopping mall" around.
Kay lah, the sign's actually super misleading. The "mall" is just a market. Google Stanley Market.
Nothing much to buy except for overpriced souvenirs and some blahh clothes. Honestly, just skip this Stanley Market and spend more of your time taking photos of the lovely sea :D

Speaking of overpriced, restaurants at Stanley are also pricey as hell. But the things they serve are yummy though. #firstworldproblems
Even the display also friggin' fancy. 

This place needs no intro.
True, they're just hand/footprints, but I HAD TO TAKE A PICTURE OF JACKIE CHAN'S :DDD
*fangirl moment*

The view there is pretty too!! So being a tourist.. MORE PHOTOS HAHAHA.
Hello Hong Kong Island!
I'm sorry but I just find this photo amusing HAHAH look at her expression omg.

Oops. Lopsided, heh :P
According to many locals, this Hong Kong Museum of History is a must-visit.
HOWEVER, as much as I love museums, I found this museum so-so. Better than the one in Macau, but not interactive enough. My 8y/o brother would probably be bored out of his wits.
On the bright side, you do get to know a lot about Hong Kong and stories of her past. As in waaaaaay back. As early as caveman era yo!

There's also another section all about the Hong Kong culture/lifestyle:
Remember this? 

Omg this place is crazy crowded. I guess you could call it a shopping heaven? Since there's a 5-STOREY FOREVER21. SAVE ME HAHAHA. Super packed though. :(

ps; they sell VitaminWater in Hong Kong. Gave it a shot just to see if it was worth the hype. And the verdict?
EWW. HELL TO THE NO.  Maybe I just chose the wrong flavour, but anyways eww.  :O

Signing off with a quick #ootd and a photo of some teen couple sporting couple shoes. Blehh, as if couple shirts aren't tacky enough.

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