Sunday, July 07, 2013

Hong Kong Trip : Part 1 of 3

The title says it all.
There are over a hundred pictures so this shall be Part 1: Trip to Macau!

I know Hong Kong Island, New Territories and Macau (the locals got so upset when I referred to Kowloon as "Hong Kong" -.-) are different from one another, but whatever okay, ALL STILL PART OF MY HK TRIP.

Selfie session before takeoff!

Flew Cathay Pacific, and omg the food was HORRIBLE/EWW/YUCK/MEH. Only upside was that they served us Häagen-Dazs. Yums!

After watching what must have been 5 episodes of The Big Bang Theory on the plane, we arrived at Hong Kong :D:D:D

Selfie in the hotel room toilet coz that's what girls do.
Stayed at Royal Park Hotel @ ShaTin. Spent the rest of the day shopping at New Town Plaza Phases 1, 2 and 3. OMG THAT PLACE IS FRIGGIN' HUGE.

Next morning, took the ferry to Macau. Fml, I got so seasick I seriously wanted to just puke my breakfast out. #gross
Then this cute little girl in front of me did this:
So adorbs!!!
Kay, enjoy the picture-spam from here onwards..

OH OH OH, the Ruins of St. Paul's! Crowded to the max. MAJOR TOURIST SPOT. 

Those who know me personally will know about my love for museums. So of course, this is no surprise :D
I didn't quite like the Macau museum, to be honest. Found it a bit boring? It's rather small too. Oh well. At least I've been to it.

Otw to the City of Dreams via the free shuttlebus!
So bling bling!
And, *jeng jeng jeng*, I managed to sneak in to a casino! I'm only 18 this year, but Macau's new legal gambling age is 21.
Long story short, I got caught HAHAHA. But before getting shoo-ed out of the casino, I hid in the toilet and took a picture. LOL WTF. #yolo

For you TombRaider fans out there, does this remind you of TR: Angel of Darkness? The Hall of Seasons! Hahaha.

 ... because the Steve Madden logo is in pink!

 Everything is so dreamlike and whimsically O.O

ALorcha for dinz! Super yummy Portuguese cuisine.
Idk how genuine Portuguese food is supposed to taste like, but the food here tastes pretty damn good!
FUN FACT: In Malaysia, clams are called "lala", but no one understands "lala" in Hong Kong omg. They call it "heen". Made a complete fool out of myself trying to order "lala" T.T

Next stop: Lan Kwai Fong!
LKF is like the Hong Kong version of Malaysia's Changkat Bukit Bintang / Bangsar. Super happening + loud blasting music + alcohol EVERYWHERE.

Ending this post with another selfie while walking back to the hotel heheh.

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Click HERE for HongKong Trip: Part 3 of 3!

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