Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hatyai 2011 mini haul.

Boom sha-ka-la-ka boom boom pow! 


HELLO! I'm back from Hatyai, Thailand with a haul.
NOTE: Didn't buy much. Honestly, I couldn't find anything super duper nice. 

So here's a quick overview.

- A bag.
- A couple of Thai magazines.
- A Thai handbook. 
- Protractor.
- Gluestick.
- A pen.
- Eyedrops.
- Some cosmetic-ish stuff.
- Two clothing items.
- Hello Kitty clay cup! :D :D :D

- Okay lah, also bought quite a large amount of fried seaweed. But that's all in the pantry. Scared I'll finish them all in a night if I were to keep them in the room.

That's all I got. Miow ._.

Can't seem to get a photo that can do these glosses justice. Sorry ._.

And THIS CUP. Only MYR2.50! So cheap. My watch has a twin now.

This magazine called Cheeze. T'is actually kinda cool, even though most of its contents are in Thai and I do not understand a single word. Plus, the models are so pretty omg! UNFAIRNESS.

As for this one, IDK the right way to pronounce the name of it. So nevermind. It's more high fashion stuff. Very haute couture-ish. Like Harper's Bazaar, I'd say.

I shall end this entry with a picture of some member card thingy the sales assistant at Oriental Princess got me to sign up for. Don't even know when I'll get round to using it, haha.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Girls' day in.

This was taken on the 6th of December, 2011. 
A typical girls' day in :D

And apart from indulging in friggin-awesome food like HaagenDazs ice-cream and having girly gossip sessions, we went craaaaazy trying on different outfits and stuff.
Then of course, next up, camera time. Lol.

I know, I know. Room's super messy.
What to do. Too lazy to clean up.

XinwenTan's awesome black-laced dress. From Nichii? Kitschen? Me forgot.
But I LIKEY! :D :D :D
Excuse the silly face of mine though. 

*   *   *
Okay. I know that the school's 2011 Bollywood Theme Day was superrrrr long ago. Around September, I think. Maybe even August.
But anyways, I randomly rediscovered these photos on my laptop recently, and since I haven't posted them up yet, I shall do so now!

The following three were taken during after-school hours, by the awesome Leslei.

Yaaaaay, finally (:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My new netbook + update.

Photo thanks to ze awesome CarmenKhor!

Le sigh. Out of current topics to write about, especially since I haven't been going out much anymore lately. Cause EVERYONE'S BUSY FLYING/VACATIONING ELSEWHERE.

Xinwen's in Japan.
Caimay's in Penang. 
Leslei's in China.
Minhong's going to Cambodia soon.
Carmen... Well, she's still here but she lives so far away. So it's the same as saying she's overseas lah hor. 

So this entry is sort of an update of what happened few weeks back. Very, very backdated.
Hah I should prolly even Sepia or B&W all the photos. Since so long ago, right?!

Lo and behold, my new netbook from Hewlett Packard. Model: Mini210.
Personally I don't think it's as good as the one I'm using at the moment, but it was free. So I shan't complain :D

And next up are some photos of a sleepover (t'was quite a failed plan, actually, since two people couldn't make it) and an impromptu outing to Sunway on the following day.
The first three are stolen from Xinwen's blog, since only she brought a legit camera. Thanks a bunch :P
Wheee :DDD

The boys in the morning, whilst waiting for transport to head for makan. Leslei's face sho cute lah :D

And then, saving the best for last... *drumrolls*

TAADAA. Webbie-date between Caimay and the four of us at the sleepover.
BOOM! *runs before Caimay shoots me*
Red Riding Hood weih! Fuyoh :PPP

I love you Cai! I know you love me too, right?! <3
:D :D :D

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Class of 2011.

The title of this blogpost is exactly the same as Carmen's most recent one. Cause I couldn't think of anything more original, sadly.

So anyway, although many people have already covered this, whether it be on Blogger or Facebook or Twitter, I still wanted to have an entry of my final day at highschool on this blog. Probably just for memory's sake or something. Hahah. 

This post will be pretty much overloaded with photos!

During Tattoos & Tofus session. There's actually a story behind that weird name, or so I've heard. But it's just like some Physical Education/Workout class. 

English period. I'm sure this is extremely self-explanatory lololol :D

And here we have our Economics teacher. The one in red.

Anddddd us girls with our Biology teacher. But she just blends with the crowd anyway, and I've got no idea how to point her out. Hmm. The one at the far back with her fringe covering half her face, maybe? 

Our ICT tech whizzes. Siao one lah their brains ohmygosh. What JavaScript, C++, database, DIE.

Some of us with a Maths/Hiphop teacher. The dude with the brownish hair.

Thennnn, next up will be some random pictures taken around the school compound on the last day!

* * *

The four of us at the school cafeteria (:

I find this highly amusing hahah. Especially Carmen's face :P 
HELLO KHORKHOR! If you're reading this, which I know you are, HELLO! I tau you takde Facebook anymore, so I show you this picture! :DDD

Save the best for last mah hor :P

Bye! (: