Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Speed, velocity & acceleration.

And what's this?

Low and behold, ladies and gents, the above is a roughly sketched plan, which, in the end, turned out like this:

TAA DAA. Not that bad whattt.

Our Speed, Velocity & Acceleration (SVA) booth. For some Physics Science Fair thingamajiggy. It's some coursework which contributes to our term report card.
Note: By 'our', I meant CaimayTanCarmenKhorXinwenTan and yours truly.

It might look simple from the outside, but mind you, setting the entire thing up wasn't easy. We spent days staying back after school, staring at blank walls while attempting to visualize how our booth would look like. We spent hours painting and snipping away at cardboards and coloured papers. We spent the whole night staying up just to film a video, which we hoped could help people remember the few basic formulas in SVA. 

Think I might get shot for uploading this video once more :P

If you are, for some reason, extremely keen on learning more, click HERE.
If you are not at all interested in becoming smarter, here are some behind-the-scenes photos :D

And some posin' for the camera.

Then of course, we have the occasional syiok sendiri photos.

And here's the cast! *drumrolls*...

Bye! (:

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