1. How tall are you?
    163cm. Sad sad.

  2. How heavy are you?
    Between 45kg to 50kg. Go figure.

  3. What are you studying?
    Bachelor of Commerce, double majoring in Economics and Finance.

  4. Are you attached?
    Nope nope, no time for commitment.

  5. What size are you?
    I typically wear a UK/AUS size 6 when it comes to clothes. As for shoes, I'm also a size 6.

Blogging stuff

  1. What camera do you use?
    I switch between my baby pink Canon iXus 132 and my iPhone 5s. It depends on my mood. Or the remaining battery life left in the devices. (I always forget to charge my compact camera.)

  2. Do you edit your pictures?

  3. How do you edit your pictures?
    Photoshop CS5. Coz stuff like Picasa and Picnik just won't do. 

  4. Why do you Photoshop your face so much?
    Because I like lah. It's my face. I wanna look pretty, can?

  5. How much do you typically charge for a blog advertorial?
    Prices vary from post to post. To discuss further, please email me at sabbyloh@gmail.com

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