Sunday, August 11, 2013


UPDATE ON MY LIFE: Ohmygod. Sorry for not posting anything lately. Pre Examination Results Stress (PRES) T.T
Results coming out in another few more days, and so I've been all sad/depressed/moody.
I'm ruined.
That aside, I have got ground-breaking, earth-shattering, wall-collapsing news... 


Shocking, no? It's going to be all the way in Singapore, which means I'll be taking AirAsia. ALONE.
Travelling around Singapore? ALONE.
Dining in Singapore? ALONE.
Taking photos in Singapore? ALONE.
Eating alone is damn sad please. And so is having to #selfie everywhere I go. 
Should I bring a tripod along and self-time all my pictures???!! Weep for me. 

Hopefully all will be worth it, since Krav Maga Grandmaster Boaz Aviram will be flying in from New York to teach too :O :O :O
Fingers crossed that I'll have the chance to take a photo with him.


Saturday, August 03, 2013

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

For the past few days, I've been accompanying my dear 73y/o grandmother to this Sau Seng Lum Dialysis and Stroke Rehabilitation Center located in Puchong.

While waiting for my grandma's physiotherapy session to end, I noticed that the patients there were mainly old aunties and uncles. The elderly lah, basically.
Anyway, what got me thinking was that all the "grandmas" had more or less the same hairstyle:
Bunned up: a la Grandmother Fa from Disney's Mulan
Permed & short: a la Ellen DeGeneres' mom (Betty DeGeneres)

It's either hair up in a granny bun, or short and permed.

It's like the go-to hairstyle for grandmas. My own grandma included :P
Sorry grandma, not saying you unglam. Other people unglam!
Pray you'll recover super soon :D
 Then you can walk again and we can go for fancy dinners!!

Then I thought to myself: WHAT HAIRSTYLE WOULD I BE SPORTING WHEN I'M NO LONGER YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL? *All you Lana Del Rey fans, see what I did there?*

As of now, the sheer thought of me having short hair again makes me want to throw up.
That was me on the LEFT. Age 12.
Just look at the mushroom head of mine. Eww. K 'nuff said.

Honestly, I don't think I can see myself in either of the 2 typical grandma hairstyles mentioned earlier. I'll probably leave it long and flowy..
Although come to think of it, I've never seen an old lady having wavy, super lustrous white hair.
Seriously, even blue bloods stick to the norm:
Queen Elizabeth II
I mean, if the Queen is doing it, obviously there should be some logic as to why. She's just one cellphone call away from getting Fekkai to do her hair with extensions and all but NO.
Maybe there's a reason.
Long white hair might look ghastly when paired with wrinkly, saggy skin? Short hair = Power?

What I have in mind for my 70y/o hairstyle would be this:
Long & lustrous white hair: a la Anne Hathaway!
But yeah, whilst Anne Hathaway manages to pull off the look flawlessly, I doubt I'll be looking like that at the age of freaking 70. Fml. 

And if I do cave in and bow down to the "grandma hairstyle", it's probably (hopefully) going to be something more polished. Like this:
Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada

Heh, I'm only 18 this year and am starting to think so far ahead. It's just one of those nights where your mind tends to wander off. At times I even ask myself why is skin waterproof.
HOW NOW BROWN COW. I wanna look good even when I'm old. Such a vainpot T.T

I bet most of you girls out there would have never thought of what grandma hairstyle you'll be sporting yet. Well, TIME TO THINK.