Monday, October 14, 2013

Bangkok Trip 2013.

Bangkok's insane electrical wiring O.O

I'd like to begin by saying:
  • This post is long overdue (17th July - 22nd July).
  • This post is going to be a loooong one. Loaded with pictures. Yay for those of you who scroll through blogs solely for photos!
Omg shopping in Bangkok is heaven. Since it was a 6D5N trip, I spent most of my time spending wasting money, ordering room service and enjoying the view from our room (Baiyoke Hotel = AMAZING VIEW). Oh, and sightseeing around.

Btw, did you know cinemas over in Bangkok sell BBQ and Cheese flavoured popcorn in addition to your normal salted/caramel ones?! :O

Now let the pic-spam begin. Sorry if you have mediocre wifi.

We had to take a boat along the Chao Phraya river.
NOTE: Wat Arun is now closed for a 3-year maintenance. Thank goodness I went there earlier.

Only 50Baht (~ RM 5) per adult! So so so cheap! 8y/o Sebastian got in for free.

 At the RnR stop.

Me also at the RnR station, drinking iced coffee taking a #selfie!

Very small part of the famed Chao Phraya river.

Taadaa! Wat Arun! The stairs super steep... People walking up look so tiny!

The amount of detail. Insane @.@
Almost as if someone had hit Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V numerous times.

Oh did I mention how ant-like the tourists looked like from afar? I'm one of them now.

Since I paid 50Baht, of course I had to unleash the inner tourist in me.

More touristy shots!

My #ootd. Wearing a rented sarong because shorts aren't allowed. Pretty, yes? Very colourful and bright, me likey!

Maximising the 50Baht to its full potential 'coz we Asians.

Random tip: taking photos from such an angle = bad. Face looks fat. Boohoo.

Lulz ^^v

The entire place is so amazing that photos cannot do it justice.

LOOK! "It's a bird... It's a plane... It's a CIRCULAR RAINBOW!!" 
No idea what's the scientific name called. My first time seeing a 360 rainbow.

Wat Arun's such a beautiful place (':
Who would have thought I'd be amazed by a temple dating back to the 18th century O.O

A freaking long drive from our hotel, but I wanted to go there very badly.
Why? Because it's a world renowned crocodile farm and....

The crocodile wrestling show!! Look at the dude praying. Namo namo namo~

We noticed some of the other croc wrestlers had scars/injuries/missingfingers, thereby implying not every one of them end up unscathed at the end of the day :O

A much friendlier form of entertainment. The elephant show!

Reminds me of Disney's Dumbo.

Sebastian stands out like a sore thumb from the rest of the Thai school kids.

Greedy elephant recognizes the significance of money.

Also at the Croc Farm, is the Samutprakarn Shooting Range!
SO CHEAP LAH THE PELLETS. I love Thailand cheap cheap cheap!!
It's Sebastian's first time cause the shooting range we frequent in KL doesn't allow kids to shoot. But this is Thailand we're talking about. Kids? COME COME COME SHOOT, VERY FUN ONE LOOK LIKE PLAYING COUNTERSTRIKE.

Reloading. His serious face is cute ttm! Chubby cheeks.

My turn! Heh, not too shabby, methinks. Unfortunately, no one took a picture of me reloading -.-
Confirm damn yeng one. Huehuehue.

 The name itself already sounds tres grand.

A cute couple vacaying in BKK. Adorable! :3

Another #ootd. Shirt and sarong both rented, as the Grand Palace allows neither shorts nor sleeveless tops.
I look like freaking Barney the purple dinosaur :S

Mandatory tourist photo: with the palace guard on duty!

Sometimes I wish I had worn nicer shoes that day. It's so obvious my blue Nikes were very out of place.

Wai-ing like the Thais! Sawasdee kaaa~

I feel so atas and ladylike, wtf.

Overrated, imho. Crowded and everything is so exorbitantly priced.

Food at some restaurant called Yam Sap. Please don't go there. Horrible food, eww eww eww. Apparently the locals tend to frequent that place a lot, idk why?!?! 

Since Yam Sap was bad, we left and made our way to Kacha-Kacha instead! Jappie food in Thailand, lol what logic, right?

Kacha-Kacha: A Jappie restaurant where the waiters are crazily over-excited about their jobs. They burst into songs randomly every now and then. 4 families (including mine!) complained that night hahaha, because they were too loud and mad.

 More photos from the night.

Taking pics with gigantic compass because what else is there to do. #sien

I don't get Asiatique. Shopping there sucks, fyi. 

Okay, if you've survived the plethora of photos, here's more :P
Thai school bus. Spot the dude in the third window from left. Horny face! (Click to zoom)

My first-ever Fish Spa experience! Most probably my last, too, due to it being rather unhygienic. Read THIS to know why. Regarding the photo above, I pray none of you have foot fetishes.

Stray cats with zero fucks to give when it comes to strangers!!
I do love a brave cat (':

McD's Nescafe McFloat! I always get this in Thailand. Not because it's crazy good, but 'coz we don't have it here in KL. Plus it's cheap and a quick cold fix.

A spooky yet whimsical Magnum tea table. Wtf is that head doing there?!

Miley Cyrus in the making. Stick that tongue out and lick lick lick.

Leaving DMK Airport.

Bye bye Bangkok!



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