Monday, July 29, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me.

Am actually working on another post, but my 8y/o brother is being a bully at the moment, hogging the computer cause "Jie jie, I WANNA PLAY TOMB RAIDER." -.-
The photos I have been meaning to upload are stuck in there. So yeah, thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and do this tag instead! (Temporary filler post is what this is :P)

01. I'm scared of ants.
02. I dislike dark chocolate.
03. I burn. It's impossible for me to tan.
04. I'm half Hainanese and half Cantonese.
05. I always have a hair tie on my wrist.

06. I can't put on a straight face for more than 10 seconds no matter how hard I try.
07. I'm allergic to kiwis, pineapples and oranges.
08. I love making lists.
09. I hate taking showers.
10. I love eating cherry tomatoes.

11. I used to think Otak-Otaks were really brains. Only found out that they're just fish paste at the age of 18. So embarrassing.
12. I have a perfume collection.
13. I don't eat roasted pork at all.
14. I'm horrible at putting on false lashes.
15. I don't eat bitter gourds.

16. Hate shopping for shoes.
17. I like drinking water cause it makes me feel healthy.
18. I sleep with my hair tied up.
19. My alarm ringtone is Gangnam Style by PSY. 
20. I've always had short hair up till the age of 13.

21. Minions = LOVE.
22. I don't drink beer. I only drink Strongbow.
23. I dislike cheetah/leopard prints.
24. I love playing Tomb Raider.
25. Am still using an iPhone 3GS.

26. I got my ears pierced at the age of 3.
27. My alcohol tolerance is ridiculously low.
28. I love love love chilli panmee. 
29. I can only do the breaststroke. Idk how to do Freestyle/Backstroke/Butterfly.
30. I have a driving license but hardly ever drive.

31. I was a gymnast.
32. I can't survive without my planner.
33. I can't sing.
34. I am currently attending Guzheng classes :D
35. I add salt into my carbonated drinks.

36. I hate Coke.
37. I don't eat egg yolks.
38. I have to file my nails every time I cut them.
39. I can walk/jump with my toes curled.
40. My Malay is really rubbish.

41. I can arch my brows one at a time.
42. I'm bad at folding clothes.
43. I'm scared of eye drops.
44. I can finish a whole box of Camembert cheese at one go, because I love it THAT MUCH.
45. Just last year, I've had chilli panmee EVERY SINGLE DAY for lunch for 2 consecutive months.

46. I've only ice-skated twice.
47. I can't wink. 
48. I don't eat steamed fish.
49. I like oversized sunnies. Or Lalat sunnies, as I call them :D
50. When I was younger, I used to think that to delete files on a computer, one will have to literally use an eraser to erase documents after dismantling the CPU.

So I guess that's it for this tag? Heh, surprisingly found it rather challenging to think of 50. I need to get to know myself better, it seems.. :O


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lake Gardens, Bubu Restaurant, Wong Ah Wah, Homecooked Breakfast, etc.

Hehehe. This is the cray cray Eugene.
Since he's normally in charge of planning our outings, I was given the honour of doing so this time around.

Whilst trying to think slightly out of the box (cause really, I've gone on enough movie-dinner-shopping dates), I came up with a rather simple itinerary. YAAAAY ME :D

1. Homecooked Breakkie
They say breakfast is the most important meal of all. So of course I couldn't let us go ahead with our day sans good food.
Chef Sabby's scrumptious dishes:
Meh, who am I trying to kid.
Okay, burnt toast wasn't part of the plan. But I can't really cook. Umm. It's the thought that counts, anyway.

2. IKEA > KL Sentral

There's this part of me that really, really loves browsing through IKEA showrooms. Nicely decorated spaces make me feel all happy and bubbly. Not forgetting the awesome-possum food selections available there which thankfully makes the whole trip worthwhile, as that place is so far away from where I stay. At the same time, IKEA tends to persuade me into buying cheap, pretty - albeit useless - things.
Ahhh, love-hate relationship with IKEA.

We made a quick stop at Sentral cause.. I needed to use the washroom *buries face*
A little too much info but whatever haha.
Because of the insanely long queue at Sentral, I shot off in search of another WC, and had to make a decision:
Hilton's or Meridien's? Which washroom shall I visit?
Like omgwtfbbq seriously? Epitome of first world problems.
K that was a long and unnecessary paragraph I made you read, sorry.

3. Lake Gardens

KL's first large-scale recreational park, IT IS REALLY LARGE.
Aaaaaand Eugene and I decided to take a quick stroll down memory lane, back to our carefree childhood days.

Let's just pretend I was really strolling:

NOTE: Some pictures which you are about to see may be considered quite silly; keep reading at your own risk :P
This picture above (right) was a super fail. Lololol, I don't even know what to say. Stupid leaves?

An attempt to act touristy.

Now, what could possibly scream fun more than jumpshots, right?

Speaking of scream..

HAHAHA. Sorry :P

A photo of me doing PSY's Gentleman. I did Gangnam Style too! There are videos of me dancing, some of which have been uploaded onto Facebook HAHAHA.

Photos of my #ootd while it's still bright and sunny!

4. Bubu Restaurant > Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings
For those of you who aren't too familiar with KL, let me introduce you all to Bubu Restaurant @ Tengkat Tong Shin. It's right next to Hotel Rae, so not too hard to spot.

Shall get straight to the point. ORDER THE GRILLED TIGER PRAWNS PLEASE.
They taste sooo good. The photos may not look that appetizing, but trust me, I miss eating them already T.T

Escargots were.. Your standard escargots. Nothing too wow.

The Lamb Shank was quite yummy, though I still prefer the prawns *megalove*
Came with mashed potatoes cause the kitchen got our order messed up due to their new menu thingy.
More food, FOC, can't complain :D

Next up, I present to you,
Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wings. Located along the famed Jalan Alor, this place serves super delish wings.. Everyone who dines there orders the wings, I kid you not. I can't rave about them enough omg. They taste like heaven. Is heaven vegan though? Nevermind.

Btw, apologies for the inconsistency in photo quality. Switching back and forth between point-and-shoot camera and iPhone 5, heh.

Okies, shall bid you all farewell with these two black and white photos cause they look pretty! At least in my opinion :P


Monday, July 22, 2013

Hong Kong Trip: Part 3 of 3

Hai guys! Am back with the final installment of my Hong Kong trip :P
Do I hear a hallelujah?
Yao friggin' Ming. 
I guess I don't have to explain where I am. Cause please, as if I'll actually be able to meet YaoMing in real life. Or Madonna.. 
Cheapass shoe decided to slip off. My Cinderella moment, heh. 
Didn't really take many pictures at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.
HAVE YOU SEEN HOUSE OF WAX? The one starring Paris Hilton?
I'm sorry but I have an embarrassingly low gore tolerance level. The fact that there's cutie Chad Michael Murray isn't even enough to convince me to sit through the whole movie. 
Bottom line is that I find wax figures scary. Everything seems too realistic.
Oops, I digressed.

On the other hand, I did take quite a few happy photos outside the museum! :D
The view from The Peak :O
Thennn.. *drumrolls*
I promised my dear friend Xinwen that I'd get her a "boyfriend". So for the first few days of my trip, my eyes were O.O wide open, on the lookout for potential eyecandy, but to no avail.
Then on the fourth day, while on the bus, I met this super lengzhai Benjamin!
Initially I was contemplating if I should ask for a picture.. But then #YOLO, right? And in the name of friendship and commitment I made to my dear friend, I mustered the courage and yeah. Asked if I could take a picture with him :3

Hello Ben, if you're reading this, sorry for taking ages to post these photos up hahaha.
I hope you're doing well in Taiwan! Do drop me a message when you're free (:

I'm so short, it's not even funny T.T

Kay, now here are some random photos of awesome/scrumptious/yummy food in hopes of tantalising your tastebuds. Cause I'm cruel like that.
They serve what I think is the best "dan nai" (steamed eggs with milk custard) dessert in whole of HongKong! Seriously, the line is crazy, and the restaurant is forever packed.
Beware though, for the workers there are ridiculously rude (cause they know the food is damn good and they won't lose customers no matter what, pfft) -.-
I have witnessed them yelling at diners, asking them to leave and not return. Scary shit, no?
I didn't manage to take a picture of the food itself, but HERE'S a link.

Another must-visit, in my opinion, is the Hong Kong Science Museum.
That place is soooo good! Not a lot of pictures as I spent most of my time running around the entire place like a kid. I get super excited when it comes to things like these:

At times I swear I'm such a kiddo. Forever young at heart (':
Cue Justin Timberlake's Mirrors.
#help #ithinkimfunny

More photos to make you go @.@..
Thumbs up for the great experience @ HK Science Museum! :D

Before heading to Hong Kong International Airport to catch my flight back, I stopped by the Peninsula Hotel, aka the most expensive hotel in HK.
It was super tough and awkward trying to snap photos in there. Not even kidding. They have staff everywhere. Went there for a quick looksee, with a sad excuse of having to use the washroom, before making a beeline for the exit. Rich people's place indeed.

And then finally at the airport, treated myself to a cup of my fave drink - Chocolate Paradise by Pacific Coffee!
As consolation for:
1. surviving the absurdly humid HK summer weather;
2. successfully travelling from Point A to B via public transport;
3. maintaining my sanity till the last day though my shoes died and it became terribly uncomfortable for me to walk.

Look at my shoes. See what I mean?
Left: The base of my right shoe is dying.
Right: The white piece of rubber on my left shoe came off.

Phew. Done with all 3 parts of my HK experience!
Ending this with:
A map which will definitely come in handy if you're relying on MTR (as I did)
A brand which confuses me a little..
As well as a brand which definitely will be banned in Malaysia. Those who understand Malay will get it (;

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