Monday, September 23, 2013

Runaway Maid.

Yep, the title says it all.
My full-time Pinoy house helper ran away 8 days ago.

You cannot believe how pissed I was at that time, and I still am. So irresponsible of her wtf: sneaking out from our house through the kitchen back door, and leaving it open. I mean, I don't expect her to lock it, but she should at least have the decency to make our house less vulnerable to potential robberies. Or maybe that was the sole intention of her leaving the whole kitchen exposed for all to see..

Anyway, it's been slightly more than a week since she left and well, I can say I'm not exactly enjoying life having to cope with daily house chores. My friends, on the other hand, reckon it's a form of intensive training for me; to prepare me for when I have to single-handedly fend for myself during my uni period in Aussie.

Umm, hello?

In what universe would I have to wash 5 bicycles weekly, water plants daily, and wipe fan blades twice a week?? ._.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think any student staying in a foreign country approximately 4000 miles away from home would have to do that.

Plus, these hands of mine are not meant for mundane and repetitive tasks. Like seriously, my hands cannot stay in water for more than 5 minutes without coming out resembling a snake shedding its skin. *shudders*
Always have to slather on a shitload of L'Occitane cherry blossom hand cream after that. Ugh.

And having a mom who is so particular about anything and everything, life is hard.
Food too bland? Uh-oh.
A finger-swatch on the table resulting in the slightest trace of dust? My, you're in trouble, honey.
A single crease on her clothes? Doomed.
More than 10 fingerprints on any glass surface? You'd better run for your life.

Sigh. If only my mom gets the pains of house work.
Yeah, you read that right, she doesn't do chores. She's way too fabulous for that shit. Sad me is sad.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This pic suits the title very well, no?
This post is going to be a rather random one. Also, you will be seeing a lot of my face as you scroll down.
Hence the title :P

I'd like to introduce everyone to my lovely girlsssss. Have known them since.. 2010?
They're such good people (':
No regrets, no regrets. 
Anyway, before I get all sappy, we met up last week and had a fun lunch session filled with gossipy chitter-chatter. 
Xinwen and Carmen.
Caimay and yours truly.

As you can see, my hair is in a very horrible state at the moment. Totally out of shape and plagued with split ends T.T I haven't had a haircut since first-half of 2012 *shudders*
How how how. So sick of long hair. It's such a chore and pain in the ass to maintain. I yearn for that soft, fluffy and weightless feel you get with short hair!!!!

Okok sorry I digressed. I shall bore you with the deets of my girly dilemma some other time.
Time to shove my face into your face. (Not the smooching kind of way, oh no.)
My hair....... SO. FREAKING. LOOOOONG.

Oh, in case you're wondering where on earth are we... Here's your clue:
Btw, there's Xinwen blowing you a kiss, cause you're beautiful and you ought to keep reading!
Secret Recipe @ Jaya 33. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I did not take any photo whatsoever of the cakes and pizza and yummy, type-2-diabetes-inducing beverages we ordered :O :O :O

Although I do have a slight hunch that maybe I was too busy taking #selfies. *hides face*
My hair.. Lol. Those strands. So unkempt. They look like.. Some other kind of hair. Eww.

IN YO FACE! Too bad it's not focused. Maybe that's a good thing. #cheatforflawlessskin

More Xinwen!

Sorry if you were expecting photos of the other two. Idk why but if I recall correctly, they were busy nomming the food. And wiping spilt rootbeer off the table (yes, we had a mini mishap!).
Sorry sorry Caimay Carmen!

You can go visit their blogs for more of their faces if you want, hahaha:
Carmen: (this has been dormant for a while, fyi)

If you've miraculously survived through the pictures (mainly my unhealthy self-obsession), good on you!
Here's a video as your reward!

You might have heard of it before.. Or not. It's really underplayed. Don't know why?!?! 
If you love Avril Lavigne, this is da bomb-diggity!

Badass rocker chic to the max. 
What if you and I
Just put up a middle finger to the sky
Let 'em know that we're still rock 'n roll
- Rock N Roll by Avril Lavigne

I've probably replayed this over 60 times. 

ALSO, here a screenshot of Big Hug Burger's Fb page! Spot me! (Told you this post would be random and all over the place.)
Can't find me?! Click to enlarge then! I'm right at the back in white! Hahahhaha. Kthxbai.
Now I'm hungry. Ugh. 
*Crawls off in search of food.*


Monday, September 09, 2013

"Blurred Lines" Parodies.

Sorry if this .gif is responsible for any nightmares you may get.

I think I can safely assume that everyone reading this has seen Miley's twerktastic moves during her VMA performance with Robin Thicke. No? Congrats, you either:
a. live under a rock;
b. are a lucky bastard whose mind has yet to be scarred for eternity.

Either way, YouTube it please. 

Okay. So just a while ago, like 30minutes ago, I was having Blurred Lines on replay. COZ I LIKE THE SONG, K?
I mean don't get me wrong, the lyrics are kind of meh (this is so subjective so I shall not discuss that), but the tune... It's SO CATCHY omg.

Anyway, you know how YouTube sucks you in? When you tell yourself "just one last vid..." then bam, it's 4am and you're still up. Well, YouTube seemed to be suggesting a tonne of parody videos at that time.
And I stumbled upon this gem:

FYI, I have watched about 5 Blurred Lines parodies. IMHO, the one above was the best. Also, I'd like to point out that the preggo girl at 2:10 is cute. And she can sing. Or whoever it is doing her voice. That person can sing :D
Or is it autotuned.. Idk.

For your viewing pleasure. 

If you're up for another video - maybe because you put the pro in procrastination - here's another parody. Also Blurred Lines. Though this particular one has got a message to convey.
...aaaaand straight guys might find it to be offensive/gross :P

Btw, idk about you, but I am not feeling the tongue thing at all. Not a single bit. *shudders*
It's like she's copying/mocking Albert Einstein LOL.
That tongue O.O  
Einstein be rollin' in his grave.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Trip to Singapore.

Hello, dear readers, boys and girls. Before you proceed, I'd like to point out two things:
01. Photos in this entry will be of varying lightings and qualities, cause some were taken with a Canon point-and-shoot, some with an iPhone 3Gs, some with an iPhone 4, others with an iPhone 5.
02. If I come across as a little moody/blah/blergh today, please read THIS. Most girls will probably agree with me. As for the guys.. Just read. It might seem unnecessary and tmi now, but knowledge is power. That post will come in handy when you have got a girlfriend to deal with. You can thank me later.

If the title of this post doesn't already scream "OBVIOUS!", I shall enlighten you. 

I flew down to Singapore last month. Alone! Please clap.
My previous post was all about my experience over at USS before I felt that squeezing everything into one blog post would make it too beefy.

*   *   *

Idk if you'll believe this, but it was my first time flying to Singapore hahahaha.
I normally take the bus from OneUtama (Malaysia) to NovenaSquare (Singapore) instead cause it's cheaper.
Look. At. That.
I've always heard good things about Changi Airport, but this.... Ehmagawd.
I stood in line for almost an hour. Cray cray shananay.

For this trip, I stayed at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel on Havelock Street. The nearest MRT station's Clarke Quay station, so... Of course I had to snap a picture. Duh.

Aaaanyway, whilst in Singapore, I called up almost every single contact I had, cause nobody likes being alone...
Eating alone is super sad.

And so I met up with one of my cousins on the first day! 

Camwhore camwhore. The other dude's some friend. Idk hahaha. Bad with names.

Then second day, jeng jeng jengggg. USS! 
Kay, most of the photos are already up on my blog so here's one post-USS.
Taken at some bar at Dempsey Hill.
Cider instead of beer 'coz I don't like bittery shit.
Heh I just realised that I didn't really post a picture of my uncle in the previous entry. #selfishme
See, I made up for it :D You get a bonus photo of me as well.

Room service at night, because I can. Mwahahah. Was just too lazy to walk from the hotel and scout for food :( 
Brio's Triple Decker Sandwich.

As for days 3, 4 and 5, it was Krav Maga all day every day. Krav Maga is INTENSE. I kid you not. Came back from the bootcamp with blue-black bruises all over and a fractured hand.
X-ray scan at Assunta Hospital.
I MET BOAZ AVIRAM. Grandmaster of Krav Maga who has also taught the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
KAPOW! Look at me trying so hard not to laugh.
And omg, Boaz is such a nice guy. He even taught me how to Salsa wtf hahahah. 
Yez bitches. He autographed a copy of his book for me.

To be honest, I didn't expect that the Krav Maga bootcamp would take up so much of my time. Had no time to shop, boohoo.

I did, however, make time for food! Nyehehe.

01. Ben and Jerry's icecream! Sure, we have it in Malaysia, but all we can get are pint-sized BnJs. They have BnJ icecream stalls scattered all across Singapore :O :O :O
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I love anything half-baked/doughey.
02. MORE ICECREAM. Marble Slab.
Guess which did I choose :P
Went to the branch just next to Clarke Quay MRT station. The girl working there was soooo nice, she even added in extra toppings for me!
AND, I asked if I could give a go at "folding" and preparing the icecream, AND SHE SAID YES!!

I honestly have no idea how she does it though. It requires so much strength and effort to "fold" the ingredients into the icecream base wtf?! I gave up after a while -.-
Mine's all melty now 'coz I sucked so bad at preparing it and took FOREVER.
Btw, I chose Cookie Dough Drizzle from their Tasty Creations menu!
Told you I like doughey stuff.

03. Ramen Play. I've never tried ramen before prior to this. For those of you who know me, you'll know it's cause I can't stand the smell of pork. BUT, this time round.. I DECIDED TO BE BRAVE :D
Ordered D4, cause spicy = good. Plus I was craving for my KinKin Chilli Panmee at that time..
Spot the map! Was trying to find my way from ChinaTown Point back to the hotel.
My verdict: I don't get why people go gaga over ramen. It tastes like.. Normal noodles. Maggi noodles. Instant noodles. Eww. Not forgetting it's so porky!
K I'm biased, sorry.

04. Old Chang Kee.
Oh why why why don't we have it here in KL. Everything over at Old Chang Kee is deep-fried and unhealthy, but really, who cares?! It's so convenient and cheap and doesn't taste bad! I especially like the fried sotong/squid and cheese-filled sausages.. Ugh SO GOOD. *crave*
Those snacks served me well by keeping my tummy happy whenever I was walking from Point A to Point B. *double crave*

05. Wild Honey.
Apparently my friend and I were lucky cause it's normally jam-packed with people?

Stephenie's. Yez her name is spelt like that.
FYI, in case you have yet to read my 50 Random Facts about me post, I hate runny yolks. Actually, I don't like egg yolks at all. 

But again, I told myself that this trip to Singapore is one that will make me a stronger and better person (wtf), and that I shall conquer my fear of runny yolks. Or just egg yolks in general. As I did with pork at Ramen Play.

Hot chocolate with a hugeass marshmallow.
With the friend.

Some camwhore pics huehuehue:

My #ootd that day!

Don't have that many photos from this trip. Cause I feel damn awkward trying to take selfies all the time lol. People just stare and stare and stare.. Maybe next time I shall just bring my tripod and self-time all the pictures.