Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This pic suits the title very well, no?
This post is going to be a rather random one. Also, you will be seeing a lot of my face as you scroll down.
Hence the title :P

I'd like to introduce everyone to my lovely girlsssss. Have known them since.. 2010?
They're such good people (':
No regrets, no regrets. 
Anyway, before I get all sappy, we met up last week and had a fun lunch session filled with gossipy chitter-chatter. 
Xinwen and Carmen.
Caimay and yours truly.

As you can see, my hair is in a very horrible state at the moment. Totally out of shape and plagued with split ends T.T I haven't had a haircut since first-half of 2012 *shudders*
How how how. So sick of long hair. It's such a chore and pain in the ass to maintain. I yearn for that soft, fluffy and weightless feel you get with short hair!!!!

Okok sorry I digressed. I shall bore you with the deets of my girly dilemma some other time.
Time to shove my face into your face. (Not the smooching kind of way, oh no.)
My hair....... SO. FREAKING. LOOOOONG.

Oh, in case you're wondering where on earth are we... Here's your clue:
Btw, there's Xinwen blowing you a kiss, cause you're beautiful and you ought to keep reading!
Secret Recipe @ Jaya 33. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I did not take any photo whatsoever of the cakes and pizza and yummy, type-2-diabetes-inducing beverages we ordered :O :O :O

Although I do have a slight hunch that maybe I was too busy taking #selfies. *hides face*
My hair.. Lol. Those strands. So unkempt. They look like.. Some other kind of hair. Eww.

IN YO FACE! Too bad it's not focused. Maybe that's a good thing. #cheatforflawlessskin

More Xinwen!

Sorry if you were expecting photos of the other two. Idk why but if I recall correctly, they were busy nomming the food. And wiping spilt rootbeer off the table (yes, we had a mini mishap!).
Sorry sorry Caimay Carmen!

You can go visit their blogs for more of their faces if you want, hahaha:
Carmen: (this has been dormant for a while, fyi)

If you've miraculously survived through the pictures (mainly my unhealthy self-obsession), good on you!
Here's a video as your reward!

You might have heard of it before.. Or not. It's really underplayed. Don't know why?!?! 
If you love Avril Lavigne, this is da bomb-diggity!

Badass rocker chic to the max. 
What if you and I
Just put up a middle finger to the sky
Let 'em know that we're still rock 'n roll
- Rock N Roll by Avril Lavigne

I've probably replayed this over 60 times. 

ALSO, here a screenshot of Big Hug Burger's Fb page! Spot me! (Told you this post would be random and all over the place.)
Can't find me?! Click to enlarge then! I'm right at the back in white! Hahahhaha. Kthxbai.
Now I'm hungry. Ugh. 
*Crawls off in search of food.*


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