Thursday, September 05, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore 2013.

Aaaaand I am back! With another post. #forevermia

I shall spare everyone the boredom of always having to look at me come up with petty excuses.......
So let's jump right in.
Here's a quickie on my trip to USS on the 19th of last month :D

I mentioned in my previous post that I would be heading down to Singapore alone to attend a Krav Maga bootcamp, but when my super fun uncle who lives there found out that I've never been to USS, he was all "come come let's go there!"

And of course, USS we went!


It was kind of a last minute thing, so we didn't get online tickets in advance. What's worse was that the queue was extreeeemely long. But here's a trick, whip out your phone, buy the tickets online and flash the screen to the people in charge. Voila! Problem solved *grins*

By the way, it's advisable to get the Universal Express Ticket instead of the standard one. You get to jump queue for all 16 rides the first round! Totally worth the extra SGD30 plus.
My max-ed out ticket. 14/16 cause 2 rides were closed.

One of the main attractions over at USS's some Battlestar Galactica Human vs Cyclon roller-coaster. Being somewhat of an adrenaline junkie (I LOVE LOVE LOVE ROLLER-COASTERS. SOLERO SHOT RIDES TOO!), was mega disappointed when the two major thrills were closed for maintenance :(
Some artsy-fartsy shots and my sad face.

The famous Transformers 4D ride at Sci-Fi City. SO KEWL.
Crazy-ass long line though.

Dance crew Rockafellaz (cringe at that name please) street performance!
You see that small boy there in blue? He's only 5y/o, didn't know how to do a wave and flapped his arms like a chicken instead. Omg so cute too cute!

Next stop: Ancient Egypt!

This dude looks so.. Intimidating. Was doing the angry face 'coz I asked him to smile while doing the peace sign (like this: ^^v) and he said no.

One more attempt at nailing the artsy-fartsy shizz.
Don't flame me for stereotyping Ancient Egyptians. Idk how else do they pose.
This Hudson Insurance Company poster outside Lights, Camera, Action! 's side door.

Random shots!

When you're at USS, go scout around for a small lane thingamajig. It's so lovely and quaint, wooh.
My fave shot :DDD

Another picture similar to the one at the beginning! I swear they're different..

Will be going to USS again some other time! Have got to go on the two high-speed roller-coaster rides ugh.
Sorry for the super late update :P


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