Friday, June 28, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Shopping Trip.

So a few days back, Xinwen and I decided to shop :D
Okay, we both have driving licenses, but neither of us are brave enough to drive to KL since cars and motorbikes are known to whoosh out all of a sudden from seemingly nowhere.

And so, we resorted to taking public transport.. *germs/bacteria fest!*
Taking the LRT. Masks on cause it's so hazy. Thanks Indonesia >:(
Selca moment hahahaha. Oh, spot the bald uncle. 

Had lunch at Pak Hailam Kopitiam cause my favourite KinKin Chilli Panmee shop closed down T.T
Seriously I have got this undying love for chillipanmee...

While waiting for our food:
BBQ Chicken Rice RM 10.90
Fried Rice RM 8.50
It's actually my second time ordering their Fried Rice. Personally, I think it's not bad a dish. Worth trying if you're into rice I guess :P

Shopping around KL! We walked from Sg Wang to Lot10 to Fahrenheit88 to Sephora to Pavilion. And all the way back to Sg Wang again LOL WTF. Cray crayyyy.
Took 2 shots just because I didn't like how the lighting was green in the first photo :P

Yes yes yes, will be doing a collective haul soon! That post will probably be up by early July.
*fingers crossed*


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Publika: Fat Boy's and The Bee.

This post is dedicated to a very good friend of mine (:
Thank you for being there for me, especially when I was in dire need of food/companionship/transport :P
Nawww, you know what I mean lah MinHong hahaha.
NOTE: There will be lots of photos. I pray your internet connection is good.

Birthday boy Cheah Min Hong taa daaaa!
Yezzz, cake + water = good recipe for a messy surprise.
Check out that huge glob of cake smashed right into his ear. Eww.

But he's still happy right right right. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. He looks so happyyyyy :DDD

Anyway, we went to Publika for dinner after #birthdayboy took a looong shower.
This. Place. Is. Damn. YUMMY. 
Appetizer: Calamari with wasabi & mayonnaise 
Wimpy burger (lamb)
Solo shot!
Random camwhoring session cause girls will be girls..
... and posers will be posers :P
Group shot (':
Aaaaand then we proceeded to have dessert #fatdieme T.T
The Bee ; Take 1
The Bee ; Take 2
Jizz-worthy ice cream! PLEASE TRY PLEASE PLEASE.
The Last Polka :DDDD
Hanyong and Carmen
The lovely Caimay 
Another group shot hahahhaha.
Aaaaand then we have got random photos. 
I can swear none of us were drunk. *serious face*

Ending the post with #ootd!
Left: Mine
Right: Xinwen's


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hong Kong Haul.

I am a very nosy person, and therefore I have this weird liking/obsession when it comes to hauls. Or loots, whatever you wanna call them.

As some of you might already know, I went to Hong Kong last week. Aaaand of course, damage had to be done *money flying away*

Prices listed will be in HK$. For the current exchange rate, click HERE.

EOS Lipbalms! Bought these from Colourmix, cause Colourmix is cheaper than Sasa :D
1. Blue - Sweet Mint
2. Yellow - Lemon Drop
3. Green - Honeysuckle Honeydew
4. Coral - Summer Fruit
HK$ 30 each

Stocked up on moisturisers because.. TLC for the skin!
1. Estee Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme HK$ 68
2. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief HK$ 65
3. Lancome Hydra Zen Neocalm HK$ 62

Aaaand more skincare stuff.
1. Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream HK$ 38
2. Shiseido Brightening Balancing Softener HK$ 49
3. Mont Blanc Legend Pour Femme EDP HK$ 35

Since we don't have Bioderma here in Malaysia, I decided to stock up on my HG Micelle Solution 500ml yo! :DD
1. Bioderma Photoderm Sun Spray
2. Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution
3. Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Concentrate
I forgot all the prices, sorry T.T

All 4 dresses are from H&M. MAD SALE GOING ON NOW SERIOUSLY.
Top 2 bodycon dresses: HK$ 70 each
Bottom 2 skater dresses: HK$ 100 each

This is a rather small haul I'd say, mainly because it's my first time visiting Hong Kong and I spent most of my time there sight-seeing. Which resulted in me having lesser time to shop T.T
But not to worry, I have got another haul coming up soon heheh.

Stay tuned! Mwah!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Things I'd Tell My Highschool & College Self.

NOTE: I'm only 18 this year, so HIGHSCHOOL & COLLEGE self would be more applicable here than TEENAGE self.

Since I'm already done with college and am awaiting a whole new chapter (Hello there, university!), I feel that it's the perfect opportunity to look back and reminisce about the ups and downs I went through.

But before I start, here are some not-so-flattering photos of me lololol.. Be prepared, k?
13 y/o
14 y/o
15 y/o

16 y/o ; on the left
17 y/o
18 y/o ; on the right
    13, 14 and 15 y/o me knew nothing about eyebrows. I didn't realize the importance of having nicely groomed brows oh god. Unruly brows = ugh eww blehhh.
    Are you weeping for me yet?

    As you can probably tell just from looking at the pictures earlier, I have always had a chubby face. My cheeks are so.. Cheeky. Like a hamster's cheek pouch. 
    And at the very start of my highschool life, I got bullied. Because apparently having cheeks = fat. 
  3. Can you say CHEEKS?!
    See, I hit puberty pretty early, and would therefore get called names like "FATLOH" "FATMIN" "FATSO" back then. 
    Looking back now, I wasn't what they called me. Yes, I was larger compared to most other girls at that time, but only cause I was developing sooner.

    This is me now:
    Say whuuuut?
    This is somewhat related to Point 2, but I feel this is worth a second mention. I have been through horrible experiences whereby girls would just bitch and spread fucked up rumours around.
    Eg: I got called to the Principal's office for no reason. I have had girls threatening to hurt me after class. The list goes on.

    I guess all I'm trying to say is that it gets better. Useless piece of advice to my younger self, but what else can I say? :/

  5. #YOLO. 
     not to the extent of taking drugs, but #YOLO in the sense that you should seize the moment. SAY YES TO MORE THINGS. Be spontaneous! Be outgoing.
    In case you need convincing, THIS is a good read.
    But #YOLO and let a bear lick me wtf. 
    I said YES to rock climbing.. Which is so not my thing.

    Aaaand I don't normally do outdoorsy stuff. But #YOLO, right?
    Very much self-explanatory. Your future self will thank you for it. 
    Work hard, party harder. Still not motivated? Try this:
This was what pulled me through ALevels finals.