Thursday, June 27, 2013

Publika: Fat Boy's and The Bee.

This post is dedicated to a very good friend of mine (:
Thank you for being there for me, especially when I was in dire need of food/companionship/transport :P
Nawww, you know what I mean lah MinHong hahaha.
NOTE: There will be lots of photos. I pray your internet connection is good.

Birthday boy Cheah Min Hong taa daaaa!
Yezzz, cake + water = good recipe for a messy surprise.
Check out that huge glob of cake smashed right into his ear. Eww.

But he's still happy right right right. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. He looks so happyyyyy :DDD

Anyway, we went to Publika for dinner after #birthdayboy took a looong shower.
This. Place. Is. Damn. YUMMY. 
Appetizer: Calamari with wasabi & mayonnaise 
Wimpy burger (lamb)
Solo shot!
Random camwhoring session cause girls will be girls..
... and posers will be posers :P
Group shot (':
Aaaaand then we proceeded to have dessert #fatdieme T.T
The Bee ; Take 1
The Bee ; Take 2
Jizz-worthy ice cream! PLEASE TRY PLEASE PLEASE.
The Last Polka :DDDD
Hanyong and Carmen
The lovely Caimay 
Another group shot hahahhaha.
Aaaaand then we have got random photos. 
I can swear none of us were drunk. *serious face*

Ending the post with #ootd!
Left: Mine
Right: Xinwen's


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