Monday, September 09, 2013

"Blurred Lines" Parodies.

Sorry if this .gif is responsible for any nightmares you may get.

I think I can safely assume that everyone reading this has seen Miley's twerktastic moves during her VMA performance with Robin Thicke. No? Congrats, you either:
a. live under a rock;
b. are a lucky bastard whose mind has yet to be scarred for eternity.

Either way, YouTube it please. 

Okay. So just a while ago, like 30minutes ago, I was having Blurred Lines on replay. COZ I LIKE THE SONG, K?
I mean don't get me wrong, the lyrics are kind of meh (this is so subjective so I shall not discuss that), but the tune... It's SO CATCHY omg.

Anyway, you know how YouTube sucks you in? When you tell yourself "just one last vid..." then bam, it's 4am and you're still up. Well, YouTube seemed to be suggesting a tonne of parody videos at that time.
And I stumbled upon this gem:

FYI, I have watched about 5 Blurred Lines parodies. IMHO, the one above was the best. Also, I'd like to point out that the preggo girl at 2:10 is cute. And she can sing. Or whoever it is doing her voice. That person can sing :D
Or is it autotuned.. Idk.

For your viewing pleasure. 

If you're up for another video - maybe because you put the pro in procrastination - here's another parody. Also Blurred Lines. Though this particular one has got a message to convey.
...aaaaand straight guys might find it to be offensive/gross :P

Btw, idk about you, but I am not feeling the tongue thing at all. Not a single bit. *shudders*
It's like she's copying/mocking Albert Einstein LOL.
That tongue O.O  
Einstein be rollin' in his grave.

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