Friday, October 04, 2013

Another Rant.

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I seem to have found a ton of things to be unhappy about recently. So much anger T.T Why is this.

While certain people would prefer to hit the gym or swim 2465249 laps or run a marathon to cool off, I'd much rather resort to the Internet. Cause the Internet is probably where I'll find a person or two who will be reading this at some point after stumbling across my blog (at least one or two, probably from Russia or Hong Kong, as statistics suggest so), but won't give a fuck since they don't know me in real life. Also because I don't like exercising.

You know how when people get really mad and frustrated at you for something totally not your fault?
Yeah, that happens to me. A lot.

Like, for instance, just last week I got yelled at for taking a wrong turning while driving. Which, in my defence, was not my fault.
A passenger next to you is giving you directions. He/she points and waggles his/her index finger to indicate that you should make a left, but says "turn right" instead. What do you do?

Well, I'll tell you what I did. As an inexperienced P-license driver, I freaked out and went "LEFT OR RIGHT??!" and proceeded to make a left since it was easier (no cutting lanes required. i suck at cutting lanes, fyi.)

Turns out I made the wrong decision. Please please tell me how was that entire incident my fault. Oh please do enlighten me, Bruce Almighty.

Next scenario. Happened to me two days ago in the kitchen.
"Sab, pass me the tablecloth, would you?"
"Which one?" *Stares at an array of rags in disgust*
"The orange one."

I then passed a yellow tablecloth over to the person. Let's call her B.
And B goes bonkers and yells "I said ORANGE, YOU IDIOT."


And B kept mumbling under her breath about how stupid I am etc etc and reached out for a PINK tablecloth.

In what universe does PINK equal ORANGE?

And please, people of the blogosphere, if you had to pick something ORANGE out of pink and yellow, which would you choose? I'd like to think any sane person would choose yellow, cause the last time I checked, at least yellow is somewhat similar to orange. Pink is like, waaaay off.

I mean, come on.
Ugh. And my friends wonder why do I say #fml 24/7.
Do you see a reason not to?


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