Thursday, October 03, 2013

It's October Third - Mean Girls.

Everybody, remember this? 

Damn right, Africa, it finally is October third.
Seeing as it is, I feel I ought to write a quick update on three different things.
Oh btw, just out of curiousity, how do you pronounce the word "three"? Do you say "tree" instead? Sorry, one of my many pet peeves, heh.

Do you have a kid/sibling who dislikes taking baths? Rather than having to constantly yell your head off and wave a bamboo cane around like a maniac, try restricting him/her from taking showers. For three days. If you're feeling evil, try a week.

It'll probably do the trick. *grins*
It is extremely rare for youngsters to be able to stand few days with all the accumulated sweat/grime/dirt. Plus, if they go to school, their peers will most likely jeer at them for smelling like rotten cheese and feet.
TRUST ME OK. My dad did this to my 8y/o brother and it worked like a charm.

What really annoys me, is when mothers (I say mothers 'coz in my experience, only moms do this.. Sorry for stereotyping!) keep asking "what's going to happen next?" while watching a movie with the family.

Like err, hello?
It's my first time watching the show, so how would I know?!

Or "Omg why did he say that? WHY WHY? Doesn't he know?"
Omg woman, calm your tits, please. It's just a movie.

And I especially do not get mothers who go all "OMG IT'S BASED ON A TRUE STORY!" *grabs box of Kleenex*
Yeah. "Based on". Doesn't mean it's 100% true. Ugh. Pisses me off ttm.

Caaaaan you feel the lurveeee tonight~
Okay, enough of ranting. Feel the lurveeee. And let us refocus our attention.
On to number three. (Or "tree", as some people may say it :p)

I love food. Although food doesn't love me back, here's a picture of cake.
Feel the calories bore right through you.
Lololol, kay the third update is actually about our final weewangwang get-together of 2013.
Because hornyboy94 HanYong (boy in striking blue) left to London the next day.
Wee Wang Wang for life! Everyone looks so happy yay you can see everyone's teeth!
At The Carpenter's Daughter, Taipan.
Salted Caramel ice-cream was good btw!
Oh, and we celebrated Caimay's extremely belated birthday :3
The lalat-looking sunnies we got her O.O
Sweet dao~
Speaking of sweet, here are some sweets!
Fail fail fail. Supposed to flip the lollipop to hide the pricetag ugh.

Random fun fact: Up till now, I still haven't got the slightest clue as to what a rubber ducky is supposed to do ._.
Does it serve any purpose?


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