Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Nails.

Halloween is 2 days away and I'm stuck at home -.-
So instead of rotting away and spending my time doing boring chores, I decided to whip out my nail polishes for a bit of experimenting!

Plus it kind of acts as an excuse to not do anything apart from watching season 3 of Revenge.
I normally allocate 105mins of polish drying time.
(Meaning to say 105mins of trying not to pee.) #tmi

What I used:

  • Nail polishes (duh)
  • Cellotape 
  • Matches 
  • Q-tips
  • Straws
  • Mechanical pencil
  • An old cloth or newspapers to keep your house clean

List of nail colors (L to R): Elianto Twilight Zone 40, Skin Food BW704, Skin Food RE107, Skin Food RE102, Etude House RD101, Elianto Indigo Shine 15, China Glaze Ghoulish Glow (yep, that's glow-in-the-dark polish!!), The Face Shop WH001.

Apply your basecoat prior to anything. I cannot stress this enough, hahah.
I hate stained nails ugh.

Okay, now let's get messy.

Blood splatter
Start off with two coats of white to prevent visible nail lines.
Tape your finger to avoid unnecessary clean up.
Dip one end of the straw into red polish.
Hold your breath, then blow from the other end.
Goriness will then spurt out mwahahha.

Btw, I said hold your breath 'coz varnishes stink.
Quickly yet carefully remove tape!

Gunshot/wounded/idk nail
Again, two coats of white.
DON'T wait for it to dry! You want it tacky.
Dip Q-tip into red polish, and press onto the wet base. The white should show through with the red surrounding it.

Flip the Q-tip to the other end and start mixing all different shades of red and have fun destroying your nail :D

Tuxedo and skull
Start off with opaque black polish. Apply cellotape as per photo above.
Paint white over it, and then remove tape.
Using a matchstick as a dotter, dot tiny black buttons and a bowtie in whatever colour you like. I chose red since red is sexy :p

Use a matchstick for the eye sockets and nose, then dip the pencil-lead tip into black polish to draw the mouth and teeth.

Spiderweb nail
Sorry no picture for you visual learners out there :p
Freehand the web and wait for the design the dry.
Then dip a Q-tip into acetone and lightly remove some bits and parts of it so it looks like a broken web!

I don't actually know why am I prettifying my nails... Cause like, what's the occasion. I won't be going out to celebrate. I'll be watching Carrie while munching on popcorn instead. Boo :(


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