Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Bavarian Bierhaus and Thirty8 Grand Hyatt, KL.

Hello, sunshine! The earth says hellooo!
I am aware that it's been almost 5 posts since you guys last saw my face. SO HERE YOU GO (;

Anyway, sorry for the 7-day hiatus. I generally post twice a week, but it was Diwali, so a self-declared break for myself :p
But being the responsible person I am, here's a quick update on what happened...


Coincidentally enough, my dad's birthday, my parents' anniversary and Diwali all clashed. So what better way to celebrate than going out for good food, right?

We actually went to Thirty8 @ Grand Hyatt KL (for dessert and wine first!) and then Bavarian Bierhaus @ Wisma UOA (for proper food HAHAHA; I know, I don't understand my family as well).

Here are 4 out of the 6 dishes we ordered at Bavarian Bierhaus. Left out the other 2 cause everyone was too hungry and started to gobble as soon as the first 2 plates graced our table.
Portobello mushrooms (RM 16)... Topped with gravy, caramelized onions and shredded pieces of bacon. Omg heaven. So so so yummy! (Opinion may be biased due to my being hungry. Or maybe just cause I love Portobellos.)

Seafood linguine pasta (RM 34) = meh. Don't bother. I found it a bit too bland for my liking.

The roasted pineapple slices wrapped in bacon (RM 14) was good but can get a bit blergh if you have one too many. Idk. My mom and brother loved it so much they ordered TWO -.-

Moving on to the pork knuckle! Cause how can one go to a German restaurant and not order that?!
If I were to describe it in one word: HUGE. Apart from the knuckle itself, you also get chicken wings, veggie, uber crispy bacon strips, a sausage and some mashed potato.
It's actually referred to as the Knuckle Combo in their menu. Will set you back by RM 79++ (so about RM 100!)

Just an FYI, the two dishes not pictured here are: the cream of wild mushroom (RM 17) and deep fried chicken fritters (RM 14).

On to Thirty8! Unfortunately, there aren't any photos of the visually appealing, diabetes inducing sweet snacks we ordered. Why? Well, because I'm a total noobie when it comes to taking photos in dimly-lit places. And flash wasn't an option since it would be too obnoxious at such an atas restaurant.

I did, however, snap some with my crap-of-a-phone iPhone 3GS. So no quality control over these pictures.

My #ootn :

Then of course, I had to include selfies. Hehe. #girlproblems
Oh, and the Twin Towers, too.


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