Sunday, November 17, 2013

Night out at Vertigo KL.

Hello, sexy people! The title says it all. Actually, the title only speaks maybe 10% of that night hahah.

Girls being girls. At times I tend to prefer the part where we get ready for a night out instead of the actual night out. Does that make sense?
There's just something highly therapeutic about:

  • being able to gossip while choosing outfits, 
  • cursing when making a mistake with an eyeliner while the other person laughs hysterically at you for resembling a panda,
  • asking your friend "does this dress make me look fat?' and not get an "err, it looks okay" (guys do that all the time ugh),
  • taking a gazillion pictures together and only end up posting 2,
  • ransacking the other person's wardrobe,
  • +1000000 more.

For those of you who may not know, Xinwen and I have been close friends 2010, and it is hard to believe that we've not gone clubbing together before. Sure, we've had our fair share of partying over the years, but never once TOGETHER.
Until now!
Was a super last minute plan, and with the number of people cancelling/ffk/MIA at critical times I don't even understand why did we end up going.
Really, you folks out there who have the tendency to MIA on WhatsApp and LastSeen me, SHAME ON YOU. You RSVP-ed yes, then MIA when I ask you once again to double-confirm. I expect a freaking reply, k? Common courtesy also dunno? Go away pls.

But surprisingly it was a rather good night, so.. Wtv.
Mainly thanks to my awesome FormOne classmate Wilson (black shirt dude). For treating us to drinks and also for dragging his friend along upon such short notice hahahahah :D
I super love people who are onz onz and say yes to going even if it's a last minute thing. THAT'S THE SPIRIT.

I think I'm starting to ramble. So I shall stop ._.

Guess no post of mine is ever 100% complete without a selfie. So here you go.
It's a semi-#ootd as well! Semi because you can't see my shoes/purse. *smacks head*
Dress from H&M.


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