Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lily Cafe @ Seksyen19 PJ.

While waiting for my 8y/o brother to finish his Creative Writing holiday workshop program over at PJ Speech & Drama Centre, I decided to take a stroll around the area since there wasn't anything to do (apart from camwhoring, hence the photo above). And I chanced upon this place called Lily Cafe.

Looks quite alright from the outside. Plus, it was 10 in the morning and not many restaurants were opened. So... I decided to have my breakfast there. 

It's spacious and airy (something I really appreciate!), unlike BurgerLab.
BurgerLab can be plain stressful at times: the tables are arranged so close to one another that it tends to get slightly claustrophobic for some, and eavesdropping on others is totally inevitable.
Anyway, back to Lily Cafe. They've obviously put in effort to make the place as Christmassy as possible. No harm in that! Being festive is always a plus in my book.

On to the menu!
Here are some snapshots of their menu to give you a rough estimate of the prices.
I found the tea section rather amusing hahahah. "Love of Peace", "Pretty Woman", "Smoke Get in Your Eyes"...
All that screams bad translation.
See the full menu HERE. 

Ordered their Pasta Cabonara with Bacon (MYR19.90) and a regular Banana Honey Smoothie (MYR6.80).

The dish turned out to be huuuge. In terms of portion size, totally worth your RM19.90. What's more important, is that they don't skimp on the ingredients.
Look at all the stuff they add! Such generous amount of carrot slices, mushrooms, bacon bits, cheese..
Even oil. In fact, they've added waaay too much oil for my liking. The pasta was overly wet and got soggy very soon.
If you're a fan of oil-drenched reasonably priced dishes, this is for you :P

As for the drink, it was okay. Nothing too bad, and nothing too wow. Just your average banana honey smoothie.

You know what?
Here's something that really annoyed the hell out of me: THE MANY INSECTS FLYING ABOUT IN THE RESTAURANT. Jeez, I couldn't enjoy my meal properly without having to wave my hands about like an absolute lunatic. They should close all the windows and doors! Grr. So irritating.

But on the plus side, the waitrons were super nice to me. They're nice people.
Also, the cafe has wifi! Places without wifi = meh. I need my wifi. All eateries ought to provide free wifi to customers.

Contact LilyCafe at:
- 1 Jalan 19/29, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Thank you for scrolling through my post, here's your reward. More pictures of me!
Please ignore the crappy quality. All #selfies in this post were taken using my Acer laptop webcam T.T

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