Thursday, November 14, 2013

A visit to The Daily Grind.

Oh, how nice it must be to be greeted by a duck-face upon clicking this post!
Yah, that's me doing the cringe-worthy face. And that's my awesome-possum friend XinwenTan. 
This is a quickie. Wanted to share my $0.02 on this neatly tucked-away restaurant over at Bangsar Village 1. Btw, there are a lot more of other dishes they serve apart from burgers. They have pastas, soups, appetizers, blablabla. But they're kind of famous for their burgers, so yeah. Need I say more?

First of all, I wanna say that the place is cosy. And the waiters are great cause they're so friendly and know the menu so well (it's scary). AND THERE IS WIFI. I cannot stress how important wifi is to me.

I've heard that the place can get pretty darn packed during lunch-hour? Not sure but I went there with a bunch of friends for dinner and we immediately managed to get ourselves a nice table (:

K. Rambles aside, I now present to youuuu.......

Jeez that was quite a mouthful (pun intended! Ha, ha, ha.)
Priced at RM 29, I think it's more on the pricier side? I only really enjoyed the avocado cream sauce. I mean, it's nothing special: patty, tomato slices, some condiments...

If you're a Portobello mushroom lover, try ordering the Portobello Paleo Burger instead. Only RM 25!
Grilled beef patty with melted cheese, 
tomato & lettuce sandwiched between 
two grilled portobello “buns”.
with grilled vegetable batonnet.
Does it not sound yummy already?!
I stole a bite of the mushroom buns from Xinwen and omg so nice. Too bad no picture :(
View the rest of The Daily Grind's menu with price listings here.

Moving along, camwhore time.

Also, please tell me what is wrong with this picture. *shudders*

Aaaaaand we stopped by CoffeeMania for a drink. But nothing interesting, so here's a groupie for you!

Sorry sorry sorry for the lack of updates! Been reaaaaally busy! Also, my computer got dismantled for a couple of days T.T
But fret not! I'll be heading to OneUtama this Saturday for some event and shall blog about it soon, wheeee!


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