Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Markets @ Jaya One.

Blog-shopping has always been a bit of a gamble for me, mainly because you don't get to see the items and feel the fabric/material. I don't trust pictures 100%. Photoshop can do wonders. Plus, some websites carry clothes with sizes that are terribly off.
The worst thing about online shopping, of course, is the shipping. Have you ever shopped on www.supre.com.au? The shipping alone costs more than the stuff I buy wtf! 

So when the awesome-possum Caimay told us all about Markets @ Jaya One, we HAD to go. Obvi!
Hmm. How should I put it. Markets is what it says it is: a market where sellers and buyers get together and trade using money (satisfies all 4 functions and 5 characteristics! Econs students, hollaback!) *nerdy smile*
A crazy lot of blogshops and food vendors were there, omg. From shoes to icecream to home-made marshmallows to handbags to accessories to new clothes to pre-loved items... CRAZY.
And everyone was so so so nice! Plus we spotted eyecandyyyyy *fangirling*

Random selca moment! 

Anyway, I realised I didn't snap a picture of the event itself hahahah. So here's one of Carmen being camera-shy. Hopefully you can catch a glimpse of the bazaar at the back! Betul-betul many people asdfghjkl.

I guess I know why we didn't snap that many pics. THE CROWD = MADNESS.
Try standing while holding the camera up with a steady hand and see if you reach 5secs without having someone yell "OI, YOUR FATHER'S ROAD AH?!"

The only chillax-time we had was after we rounded the entire place. And decided to have lunch at this place called Tappers. 
Technology technology.
"Come, I take photo of your nails!!"
Lady Carmen digging the egg yolks and laying them aside. Coz yolks are disgusting.

What's a day without an #ootd?
Trendy chica sporting denim-on-denim.
Aaaaand that's me!
Miow. Is that leopard or cheetah print? Oh, and yez I haz a #selfie :3

Group shot! Missing Xinwen T.T
Terrific Trio instead of Fantastic Four. Hohoho I think I'm funny.

It's actually my first time attending something like this. Quite fun, I'd say, but just out of curiosity, what would happen if it were to rain that day :O
No business lo?? Cause as a customer, I wouldn't want to be under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh~ 
Okay okay I shall stop.

No but seriously.

Oh it was mad hot that day though. Be sure to lug around a huge bottle of water with you if you're gonna join this sort of event!
Btw, my purse is weeping. But fret not. I bought a new handbag and a new clutch, amongst some other pretty purchases, heh.

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