Friday, October 25, 2013

What's in my everyday bag?

I am a nosy person. I love rummaging through the belongings of others. You have a perfume collection? I'll uncap every single one of them and sniff to my heart's content. Have a mini-bar in your room? I will check the nutrition label and expiry date on all items. I can't help it. Just cannot!

So here's a post for all you busy-body curious cats out there: "What's in my everyday carry bag?"
It's fun to see what people choose to lug around with them 24/7 as I think it shows what kind of a person they really are.
Btw, I've stashed away all the random receipts, food wrappings and used tissues found dwelling in the vast abyss of space ('coz a woman's bag is like a Black Hole, lol) prior to snapping the photos. But apart from that, the state of my bag is pretty much.. Au naturel? Hahaha.


This is my go-to bag. Super cheap yet of decent quality. I've had it for quite a while now and none of the studs have fallen off yet! Plus the little embellishments add this little edgy vibe to my outfit every single time.
The two side compartments are great for when I need to chuck candy wrappers away as well. Mad loveee!!

An overview of everything I bring, by both necessity and choice. Mainly choice. It's amazing how one manages to cram all of the above into such a limited space. "Dark Arts", as I like to call it, for I am the next Houdini *smirks*

Nonsense aside, here is a list of the bits and bobs I tote about with me:

- My planner
- House keys
- A spare set of house keys (You never know.)
- Glasses
- Sunnies and casing
- Hello Kitty band aids (Again, you never know.)

- Blotter
- Kleenex
- Mints
- iPhone cable
- iPhone

- Earphones
- Portable charger
- A pen
- A Shu Uemura business card
- A Plaza Damas parking ticket

- A Naraya pouch, in which I keep the following:
- A vial of Mont Blanc's Legend pour femme (smells so so so good!)
- Hand sanitiser
- L'Occitane cherry blossom hand lotion
- Two lip balms (because what if the occasion calls for cherry-flavour instead of mint?!)

I'm actually rather proud of myself.

Fyi, I do use this for college, too. I just toss a bottle of water, about two packets of Mamee Monster junk food and a skilfully Origami-ed cardigan (to fit whatever space that's left) into the main compartment, and I'm all set for class :D

Do you know how some girls manage to survive a day with just a small satchel? 
Me neither.
I can't do small. Size matters. *ba dum tss*

Speaking of sexual, can I waste 5mins of your time? :3
I found it terribly amusing, ahhahahaah. Sorry, Potterheads.

ps; Was inspired to write this post after browsing through whatsinyourbag.


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