Monday, December 05, 2011

Frosty the snowman.

Sorry for my lack of blog posts these days, I've been rushing around like crazy ever since IGCSE ended. 
We had our school's annual Appreciation Day, which, frankly speaking, could have been better, I believe. And then there was the last-day-of-school celebration. Or should I say last day of highschool for my classmates and I. I would have blogged about that occasion long time ago, if it hadn't been for my lousy iPhone 3Gs suddenly deciding to break down, happily deleting all my photos along the way. 

And so now I'll have to resort to grabbing photos uploaded by other chums. Miow. *sulkyface*

But anyway, all that aside, it's December already. 
With that being said, my parents bought some pretty ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree with. And oh, some of them are just so adorable! *squeals in delight*

Look look look:

AHHH. Cute or what!?

And here's an out-of-focus shot. Lol.

My brother has been really enthusiastic bout Christmas decor, eg: hanging Christmas stockings, draping fancy ribbons... In other words, decking the halls. :P
Unfortunately, we have yet to buy a set of decent looking Christmas lights. So the pretty stuff will have to wait before they get to be showcased. 

Will probably post a photo or two of the tree once we're done decorating :D
As of now, it's too ugly to even look at. 

Bye! (:

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