Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hatyai 2011 mini haul.

Boom sha-ka-la-ka boom boom pow! 


HELLO! I'm back from Hatyai, Thailand with a haul.
NOTE: Didn't buy much. Honestly, I couldn't find anything super duper nice. 

So here's a quick overview.

- A bag.
- A couple of Thai magazines.
- A Thai handbook. 
- Protractor.
- Gluestick.
- A pen.
- Eyedrops.
- Some cosmetic-ish stuff.
- Two clothing items.
- Hello Kitty clay cup! :D :D :D

- Okay lah, also bought quite a large amount of fried seaweed. But that's all in the pantry. Scared I'll finish them all in a night if I were to keep them in the room.

That's all I got. Miow ._.

Can't seem to get a photo that can do these glosses justice. Sorry ._.

And THIS CUP. Only MYR2.50! So cheap. My watch has a twin now.

This magazine called Cheeze. T'is actually kinda cool, even though most of its contents are in Thai and I do not understand a single word. Plus, the models are so pretty omg! UNFAIRNESS.

As for this one, IDK the right way to pronounce the name of it. So nevermind. It's more high fashion stuff. Very haute couture-ish. Like Harper's Bazaar, I'd say.

I shall end this entry with a picture of some member card thingy the sales assistant at Oriental Princess got me to sign up for. Don't even know when I'll get round to using it, haha.

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