Friday, December 30, 2011

Girls' day in.

This was taken on the 6th of December, 2011. 
A typical girls' day in :D

And apart from indulging in friggin-awesome food like HaagenDazs ice-cream and having girly gossip sessions, we went craaaaazy trying on different outfits and stuff.
Then of course, next up, camera time. Lol.

I know, I know. Room's super messy.
What to do. Too lazy to clean up.

XinwenTan's awesome black-laced dress. From Nichii? Kitschen? Me forgot.
But I LIKEY! :D :D :D
Excuse the silly face of mine though. 

*   *   *
Okay. I know that the school's 2011 Bollywood Theme Day was superrrrr long ago. Around September, I think. Maybe even August.
But anyways, I randomly rediscovered these photos on my laptop recently, and since I haven't posted them up yet, I shall do so now!

The following three were taken during after-school hours, by the awesome Leslei.

Yaaaaay, finally (:

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