Saturday, May 28, 2011

Update downdate.


Guess what.
I finally created a Tumblr account!! :D :D :D

So yes, finally time for another weekly update.

01. Sports day. 21st of May, 2011.

02. We got second place, and got an Angry Bird plush toy each :D :D

03. I've been trying to figure out where to buy these lovelies. Saw them once somewhere but don't remember anymore.
So CaimayTan, if you're reading this all the way in Vienna, tell me where to get them! :D

Speaking of Vienna, mid year holiday's finally here. Two whole weeks sans school.

But oh wait, while lucky people like CaimayTan get to tour Europe and XinwenTan heading off to Bali to soak up its exoticness, I get to stay in-country and travel Malaysia. -.-


By the way, here are some photos of my year-end trip last year to Hainan Island, China.
Yes this is almost 6 months overdue, I know :P
 Some Taoism temple place.

And the beach opposite our hotel.

 And 2 random attempts at being artsy :P

AND I even took a photo of my suitcase on the final day of our stay. Don't ask.

On a totally different note, I have to get a hoodie that looks something like this:
Soooo nice! <3

Hah. I've got big cheeks. So cute :P

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