Monday, May 16, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Hectic hectic days.

So here's what I'll be doing this time round: Post photos which I hope somehow summarizes my entire week.

01. I bought a traincase.

02. I cleared up my desktop. And organized all my photo folders. And found this.
A photo of my broken scissors. Thanks to XinwenTan :P

03. I've been going crazy over Converse shoes since the 14th of May. 

04. I found out that I suck at painting with makeup.
See. It looks so horrible and sad, wtf.

After editing it to black and white:
And THEN I found out I forgot to draw in the shoelaces. Gah.

05. I've been in a super DIY/artsy mood these days. 
Here's another drawing. Converse, again.
This time without any colour plus the shoelaces.

 I've always liked the chalky effect.

 05. I'm beginning to like Tumblr cause they have tons of cool photos.

Only cause my name's Sabrina and I'm supposed to have a black cat named Salem who's cool.

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