Sunday, May 01, 2011

Theme day.

Last Thursday was my school's first theme day of the year.

It was... Crap. Apparently some people decided that sabotaging was the way to go, and ended up ruining the day for everyone. Pfft. Suckers.

But anyway, we did take some photos.
BEWARE. This post is sort of long.

 T&t teacher Isaiah and his oddly-looking mask.

Eh I really like this photo lah CarmenKhor! :D :D :D

 Caimay. Smexyy eh? :P

 And then we have the acting cool people. But fine, the boys do look good in formal attire.

See what I meannn? :D :D :D

Photo with Xinwen. Ignore that dude in sunnies at the back. He wasn't supposed to be in the frame anyway :P

LOL. Kung fu style. Be scared. Be afraid.

This photo is OMG so cute. Beili!

And a photo of Beiwei. This picture's nice weih.

Only because I think it's funny. Cheerleader's pissed at boyfriend cause she caught him having an affair with the spray-bottle holding maid. And so the cheerleader stomps off in a huff while the poor dude begs her not to leave him. The maid's just pure evil. Mwahaha.

I'm lame :D

Okay! I think that's pretty much it for this post!

ps; some photos were grabbed from Beiwei, Cheryl and Kylene! Their cameras are so awesome.

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