Saturday, April 30, 2011

Xinwen's birthday.

Okay, so I apologize for not having updated my blog in such a long while. I've been leading a very busy life lately.

So anyway, last Friday, on the 22nd of April, was XinwenTan's birthday.
And we got her presents! Obviously.

01. This Dreams Unlimited perfume from TBS. As far as I know, Xinwen has been longing for it since forever :P

02. And then we have this picture collage thingy. It's supposed to have a heart shape to it. But I don't think this photo does it justice. Blehh.

Let's say the photo below is how it's supposed to look like. Credits to PhileneTan.

03. And we also made her a long-ass birthday card that's 4 pages long. If I'm not mistaken. No photos, sadly. Oh well!


Sorry. Couldn't resist lah xinwen :P 

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