Saturday, April 09, 2011

Term one done.

Finally exams are over :D :D :D

That's overall pretty good news, but one thing I actually like about exams is that when you're forced to revise, you start noticing how dumb you were before doing revision. Not sure if that's good, but I like it. The feeling's like, gaining ENLIGHTENMENT.

Anyway, saw this picture few days ago. Was supposed to be revising, then I got bored halfway.
I think it's funny! 
Tzelik, you see how illogical your favourite cartoon is? :P

Logic aside, below is a list of some random things I plan to do, since exam's over and all. 

01. Go shop for school supplies. I'm running out of blue pens. And I need a new protractor. Mine's so screwed up and ugly. Oh and I think the picture above's so cute. Wish my notebooks could be as pretty. They're so blahh and ordinary.

02. Try my luck and convince daddy to let me get this quilted bag off Mom got me something similar earlier, but nahh, sadly it's not as pretty as this one :/

03. Hunt down this dress TaylorSwift wore. It's from Topshop, and KateBosworth wore it too! Plus I think it's pretty. 

04. Find the time to make this awesome-looking wordy thing since I'm in a DIY mood now. It's freaking retailing for USD25.00, and that's before taking into account of shipping fees. Besides, I know it's not that difficult to make. Stupid daylight robbery.

05. Learn how to paint this. Ohmygosh it's so nice. TOLD YOU I'M FEELING DIY-ish. But don't freak if it turns out ugly (:

Oh look, and guess what I found (:
Xinwen's gonna kill me. CarmenKhor and CaimayTan, watch the entire thing, it's hilarious, if you still remember what it was about :P


ps; xinwen, i shall attempt to redeem myself. go watch OH SO ROMANTIC (;

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