Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last day of CPE.

Ohhh yeahhh (;

Last day of Cambridge ESOL. Ever. Wheee!

Let's start with a happy group shot with the invigilators.

And then the serious face. With the formal tie and all that jazz.

Doink face. Well, yeah, English's all about self-expression, no? Show your emotions and free your soul. Blahh.

See what I mean? Expression is key. Keep that in mind.

Poses are good. Act lala, cute, whatever. It shows that you still have a sense of humour.

And of course, as teenagers, we need to show our mischievous side once in a while. Prevents things from being boring, you see.

Oh, fyi, Linrui and I were eavesdropping on another pair of candidates who went into the exam room before us. Miow. Just to see what the examiners were asking, you know. Miow miow.

And we got busted by the invigilators.

See those eyebags? Tsk, I need some serious beauty sleep.

Hello :D

I know I'm sexayy. You jealous? I know you are. Fuck off, bitch. Xoxo. *bitch face*
Note: For example of *bitch face*, refer to photo.

I've known Joash for 4 years, and Linrui for 3. Wow. I pro, can make friendships last ;P

La dee dum dum. Linrui's off to Australia, and Joash's heading to England soon. Boo-hoo :/

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