Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random pictures.

After everything, life's good (:

And since I've got lots of spare time now, I'm gonna randomly abuse my camera. Evil laugh.

Hello Squashy, you want kuaci?

Can you see what she's doing? She was standing up to reach the camera lens :D
Shut up, she's cute.

Why this? Well, cause I've seen a lot of this Be Delicious perfume photos being taken. And of course I can't seem to produce those kind of stuff. So yeah.

Remember my chandelier with those retarded, ugly wiring?
No? Click THIS.

So yep, it's fixed. And everything's nice and pretty, just as how it should be. Mwahah! Lights on people!

Oh, now, I'm really excited. Heading out to Kl with the girls tomorrow.
:D :D :D

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