Friday, December 10, 2010

Random photos.

Caught your attention?

"You suck."
"Oh yeah? Well, fine. I suck, and you blow." *horny face*

That got your attention too?
Mwahah :P

So okay, my Internet's finally decided to be kind to me. So photos up! :D

Xinwen came over to my house today :D :D :D
For what? Girly stuff, pampering, you know, all that stuff. And dvds.

And as you can see above, her camwhoring skill. Is. Just. Brill. Wow.
I look good with one eye, ehh?

And speaking of eyes. Here's xinwen with her eye photo.
Look closely and you'll see me :D

Ignore the shitty background. This is actually a nice photos. Again, minus the background, of course.

Miow. Free advertising.

I really ought to clean up my room. It's in a horrible state, I'm afraid :/

Hahah :P

Oh and these two photos are absolutely lovely :D


Don't ask. Xinwen said she likes this. Eh, it's kind of weird though. I don't have a nose.

Umm. Kay.

This, I have to admit, is weird and somewhat pointless. Shut up if you don't have anything nice to say D:

Would look more like a bookworm with my new glasses.

And hey, of course I have to include a camwhore shot. Duh.

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