Monday, December 30, 2013

Trip to Pulau Ketam!

One fine day, my family and I decided to visit Pulau Ketam as a quick getaway from the crazy hectic KL we live in.
I've always thought of Pulau Ketam as an actual pulau (island). You know, sandy beaches, salty/seaweedy smell of the sea, sound of waves crashing...

"Pulau" Ketam has none of the above. -.-
Here's what Ketam ACTUALLY has to offer:
Ketams in mud. Eating.

The term pulau is sooo misguiding. Know why it's called an "island"?
Cause someone decided to build a friggin' house in the middle of nowhere in some swampy area.
And over time, more and more people did that as well.
So it's basically a cluster of single-storey houses (somewhat akin to a village) on muddy land.
Houses on muddy land during low-tide.
Then when high-tide comes, the stilts you see in the picture above gets covered by water. So the place looks like an island -.-
At least we had to travel by water there. In that sense, it is rather similar to a real island.
The ferry ride from Port Klang to Pulau Ketam took approximately 40mins.
So many boats at the port!
While waiting for the ferry to arrive...

After what seemed like eternity (I hate boat rides), we finally arrived at Crab Island!
Our meager attempts at the crab pose HAHAH.

If you're born and bred in KL like me, you'd find many things to be.. Interesting.
Here's a list:
  • No cars.
    Since their floors are essentially just wooden planks, cars/lorry/vans would be too heavy. They travel around by bicycles or bikes.
  • Not normal bikes.
    Not your typical fuel-running motorbikes! These bikes run on electricity and produce NO loud vroom-vroooom noises. It's so odd seeing a soundless bike...
  • Everyone owns a boat.
    In KL, if you say "Oh, I own a boat," everyone will go "OMG you rich weih so rich!!"
    In Ketam, meh. You're just like everyone else.
BOATS. Almost omnipresent.
  • No swimming pool.
    Heh. Why bother? They can go for a swim when the tide comes in.
  • Only one bank.
    Maybank. And no cash/cheque deposit machines!
  • Everyone knows everyone.
    With just four streets in the entire pulau, they prolly bump into each other 8947018913 times a week.
    I don't even know my neighbours. Really.

Some not-so-common stuff (to me, at least):
An old uncle's workshop.
Okay la, this can see in KL pasar pagi/malam. But I don't go to pasars ma!
More boats.
Boat skeleton. Looks like ribcage!
Hanging clothes on clothesline! :O :O :O

My #ootd ! 
Loving my lalat-looking sunnies! Rad, right?

This spot under the tree reminds me of some romantic rendezvous spot for lovebirds.

See the resemblance?!

There's nothing to do in Ketam. Except to cycle and eat seafood. Fresh seafood!
The oysters were super yummy, but the person didn't know how to cook oh-jien. She admitted loh! Damn honest, salute her! She went "Oh, we don't know how to cook Penang/Malacca fried oysters one. Cincai only. But oysters good. Fresh fresh one!"
True enough, only the oysters were edible. The eggs & flour = BAD. So sticky and gluey. Too sticky. Like eating glue only omg.

The crab and prawns, on the other hand, were AMAZING. :D
Sticky oh-jien!! Might as well just dip oysters into UHU glue and eat!?

Here's the bill. Can you Chinese-ed people explain what's written on the receipt?
I know Chinese but still can't understand the shitty handwriting.
RIGHT: Illegal workers to legal workers hahaha.

Crabby crab crab.

Me me me. I like the photo on the left. So candid. Dad took a picture of me taking a picture of Sebastian!

Wokays, end of post!
Me on a bicycle cause I'm forever too lazy to walk from Point A to Point B.

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