Friday, January 03, 2014

Quick update: Pusat Sains Negara.

Malaysia's Pusat Sains Negara (aka National Science Centre)!
Looks pretty interesting from the outside right? Sort of like the spherical arena from Hunger Game's Catching Fire.
Those of you who've watched the movie will get this:
Hahhaa. Imagine me holding a bow and arrow okay.
I had many many people stopping/staring/pointing at me. They probably went "omg this crazy girl!" too.

Anyway, the centre was having this Muslim Inventions Exhbition thingamajiggy that day, so my family decided to check it out.
So not worth the price. The only thing I found interesting was the short film they let us watch. The actors were pretty darn good looking and they had a British accent. *swoons*

You know what I found fun? THIS.
The look of concentration on my face...
3rd: A very unglam shot of me being super happy!

Okay, here's a game of probability, where you spin the metal disk (see the red indicator?) and pray you get as many black spheres as possible into a column.
There are 9 columns in total, and you're only supposed to calculate the number of spheres in the leading column.
Then I saw this.....
I have NO IDEA how the person did this. HOW?!
Using a magnet? Sorcery? Black magic? How is this possible wtf?!

After 4 years studying Physics (IGCSE and GCE), I still don't understand how a plasma ball works. At times like this, I wonder how I managed to pass my papers back then.
But who cares, Science has never been my cup of tea, so let's just admire the pretty colours produced.

My 9y/o brother, on the other hand, is constantly fascinated by Science. Just look at him. Then again, he's just 9. How tough can the syllabus be?
We shall wait till he's 16. See if his ambition is still "to be a scientist."

I was re-reading the previous paragraph, and noticed the hint of jealousy. I miss back when I didn't have to take anything seriously, when all I had to worry about was whether I'd be allowed to watch KimPossible on Astro's Disney Channel.
Now that it's 2014, it's my last year being a teen :(
9y/o vs 19y/o. :(

Melancholy aside, here's my #ootd infront of a funny mirror.
Tank from TanksFor5.
And here's a close-up of my shoes.
Flats from Singapore.

A picture of us being happy (':
10 years gap. Hoho.

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