Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why I didn't get a haircut.

I mentioned in my previous post that I'd be getting a haircut ASAP since my hair is too long and unmanageable and annoying.
Well, I didn't end up getting my locks chopped off cause my hairstylist passed away in an accident :(

To me, a haircut can make or break your entire look, which is why I've only ever really trusted my super awesome late hairstylist, Alan T.T
I got my 2012 prom hair done by him T.T
And he was like fussing over every bit of detail.
See mah pretty hair.

Sure, I've probably strayed once or twice and tried out new salons, but always found myself running back to Cutting Edge Salon.

Srsly love that place. Know why?
One is that Alan was a DAMN GOOD chief hairstylist.
Two is 'coz the people are nice and they put effort into decorating the salon.
They have a different theme every single time I go there. Rajin or not?!
Some Japanese theme.
Deepavali somemore!

I've been going to Cutting Edge for 6 years.. #loyalcustomer
So Alan and I were like gossipy-buddy-buddy and all.
Now I feel so lost :/
Time to go on a hunt for a new stylist.

Who's to lecture me on my split ends now T.T
No one to be like "omg sab pls use conditioner or else your hair damn tak boleh tengok leh!"
No more Alan who listens to my rants and go "wah aiyer why that girl like that geh!?"
And he got girlfriend one. He actually told me that "don't worry, next time my wedding I sure invite you la!"
Now obviously no more wedding lo.

I damn sad. K, bye bye.


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