Saturday, December 07, 2013

2D1N with the girls.

Blew up this picture 'coz I love it so so so much, hohoho. One of my #ootds in today's post!
Top: Padini
Skirt: H&M

Okay, so as you can see from the title, I had a fun outing with my awesome-sauce friends. We actually have this annual tradition where we head down to KL via public transport for a full day of shopping. This year, due to us not fancying anything in-stores at the moment (very surprising), the four of us decided to check out Escape Room.

It's my first time there, and honestly I was quite disappointed. I do NOT understand how or why is it a trending thing among teenagers.
Seriously, almost every teen is forking out freaking RM32 to be locked in a claustrophobic room for 45mins.

Our sad faces.

No, I'm not bashing Escape Room cause we lost. It's just that I expected more for RM32. The room's smaller than my powder room at home, wtf.
Personally, I also think that it's unfair to charge RM32 per head. The 4 of us: 32 x 4 = RM128.
Daylight robbery, no?
They ought to fix the price at let's say RM120, allow people to bring in however many friends they'd like, and split the bill. After all, more people may equal cheaper price, but it's a lot harder since teamwork is near impossible in a group of 10.

Okay. Rant over. More pictures.
Our happy faces (':
Sad. Happy. Sad. Happy. #confusedgirls

And of course who could possibly not go to IKEA? I love the smell of pinewood at their inventory :3
I turn into a hardcore druggie inhaling the pinewood aroma the moment I get there. No joke.
Poser. People were staring but #yolo.

Another reason why I like the inventory: PHOTO TIME.
This :D

Next up, more pictures. Cause in today's digital era, we need not worry about running out of film rolls. *digitalcameraabuse*
PARIS! One day la one day...
Another #ootd!

K, now I show you my friends... All animal lovers!

Back to me!
Yah, I know my legs look weird like that. Idk why also.

Btw, do these dolls look creepy or what!?
........... Paedophilia? 

Psst, I've just discovered what might be the most awesome thing about IKEA. (Not the meatballs 'coz I can't take beef, sorry beef lovers!) It's their curry puffs...
Only RM5.50 for half a dozen! We bought 18 curry puffs and I ate 7 of them. Yes.
Cheap and good? YES PLEASE.

DAY 2!
Fyi, I don't work out. So kindly ignore background.

RedBox @ Sunway Pyramid = Friggin' Antarctic. You can build a snowman in there. Mad cold.

Another huge picture!
See, my hair is so long. Way too long for my liking. Getting it chopped this Sunday! Keep an eye out for my post on that next week! 



  1. Hahaha I’m planning to go ESCAPE this Sunday! Heard that it’s extremely fun but yes, like what u said, it’s really pricey :(

    1. Oh hello! Honestly I don't think it's that fun :( The room's so tiny!! But of course, they'd argue saying that if the room were to be bigger = nobody would be able to get out under 45mins -.-