Saturday, January 10, 2015

Recapping 2014 Part 1.


Instead of doing it the usual way (words, words, words and more words on what happened the year before blabla), I've decided to go through my phone's camera roll and pick out photos that I feel are worth posting up. God bless the iPhone's photo collection feature for categorizing my pictures by date.

This post is PHOTO HEAVY coz I'd much rather let the pictures do the talking for this one. Don't bother if you have shitty wifi. Bookmark me and come back later, okay? <3

1/ January

I had to rush to get everything done before leaving for Melbourne. Hectic as f.

 The highlight of the month: My article "How to Act Like a Malaysian" got featured on FunnyMalaysia! 64.6k shares!!! Does that count as having gone viral?! PLEASE SAY YES. Please read it HERE if you haven't already read it!

 I got a haircut.

Made the flower crown myself using fake flowers from Daiso. And Photoshopped the heck of out the original picture.  I really like how it turned out!

More photos for you viewing pleasure. :3

2/ February

CNY before leaving for Melbourne. Sad.

 With my lovely grandma and brother. Heh.

'STRAYA! Where suntanning is free. You can't call me pale anymore! Muahaha.

3/ March

The start of Year 1 Sem 1.

My first few attempts at cooking. Not too shabby eh?

 First time clubbing in Melbourne. Hello ForeverFridays@Alumbra!

 Wine and dine at Hilton SouthWharf.

 Finally got to meet up with this boy. Are you even reading my blog, Tzelik!?

4/ April

My birthday month!

Finally 19!

Wanna thank them for making my first birthday away from home so special (':
6M for life!

So happy!




5/ May

Supposed to be grinding for mid years. But ofc, I do everything but that.

 Edward's bike. I can't even get on. #short

With Wesleyans celebrating Edward's birthday!!

With the gang at some Malaysian food festival at Federation Square!

Omnomnom ridiculously priced satay.

I fell sick, Oh yes, FeverCoughCold, feel free to visit me anytime! Love having you guys around. BFFs!!

Ah yes, wind. Keep blowing. No need shy one.

6/ June

Midyears. Don't even wanna think about the nights I spent binging away instead of revising.
Also the month I became a promoter at ALUMBRA!

Law cheat sheet. #callmecrazy

Me attempting to study in uni.

 Sick again.

#ootn for first night out post-exams!

Club hopped.

Took more pictures.

 Threw a house party. Sort of...
I'm a better cook now okay!!!

Retail therapy. Those jelly beans = EVIL.

That's all for Part 1!
Second half of the year will be up soon I promise!

Here's an unglam picture for you.


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