Monday, April 05, 2010


I likeeee!

School's out for a whole week!!
Resuming next monday, the 12th. AWESOMENESS weih! :D :D
Extra time to study, extra time for bm school magazine AND it's not gonna clash with my cambridge test! Ohmygosh, the FULL MOON IS DEFINITELY ADJACENT TO THE JOSEPH STAR :D :D :D

So blahhh, anyways, stayed back in school today with xinwen as usual. Went into some class to REVISE.

Blahh. xinwen and her colourful highlighters (:

And yes. Hand sanitiser. PINK!

No comment. I was BORED, OKAY?

Mwahah. Credits to xinwen :D

No comment.

And and. I TRIED to camwhore. HEE :D

Like I said. I TRIED.

I don't really camwhore okay. But xinwen was SLEEPING just now. And I was BORED.
So if you're laughing, then GO AWAY >=(

Then after that, headed to Taipan for dinner.

Take one, and

take two :D

HAHA. Xinwen made some stupid comment when she saw this photo. Wth.

♥; coffee

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