Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hello there, lovely readers of this blog. This very much abandoned blog.

First of all, I believe apologies are in order, so.. AYAM SORRY. I know I've been on hiatus for two months.

Now on to the big question: WHY?
Well, for those of you that do not know (obviously because you bunch don't follow me on Twitter & Instagram - shame on you! :P), I am now a university student.

Yeap. I'm currently living the hyped-up, once-in-a-lifetime university life. Translate: no sleep, shitload of assignments, caffeine, instant noodles, negative bank balance and cereal for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper.
That's my main reason for being MIA. Settling in and being independent for the very first time while juggling coursework and homesickness is no easy feat. It feels damn shitty coming home after a long day and still have to do your laundry, cook, read pre-lecture materials, etc.

Education related excuses aside, I haven't exactly been happy with my site's design and layout before this. Took me quite a while to finally get it to look the way I want. Will write more on that in an upcoming post.

Anyway, I'm currently on a one-week Easter break, so I foresee a couple of entries getting published over the next few days! :D (no promises though!)

Short story shorter, I hope you guys will give poor me a second chance at reviving this dead thing I call a blog.
(And maybe a third chance in future as well, cause you know what they say: third time's the charm!)


What should I blog about? Any thoughts? Leave an idea in the suggestion box over in the sidebar if you wanna! (:


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