Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunway-Neway runaway.

Camwhoring @ NEWAY'S toilet.
Mana itu xinwentan!?

Okay, I know that most of the people (eg: carmen caimay and xinwen) have already blogged about this event/outing. However, I still intend to tell my part of the story, too! :D
Cause there are quite a few things that some of you don't know. YET.

For instance:
Xinwen and I reached Neway superfreaking early: Party supposed to start at 1pm; we reached there at, like, 11.30am??

And so we did what most people with a camera/phonewithcamera would do.

Then we got bored. And so I started snapping photos of her:
Take one.

Take two.

This can be take three lah.

Then we got REALLY bored:

Then I suppose I got superduperextremely bored, cause...

And omg bloody hell, we had to wait there for SO long, till we started to play 'I SPY'.
So what exactly did 'WE SPY'?

First off:

Second off:
Many many cars and a van in front of the police station.

Yes, we were THAT lifeless then.
Unfortunately, that was when my phone battery decided and let me down, disappoint me and ditch me. Cause it died.
Well, was going to die. It did die later throughout the day, but let's not talk about that, aite?

Anyway, since we were left stranded miserably at the stairs of that JAYA SQUARE building, we planned our marvelous route to escape!
MISSION: Escape stairs.

STEPS: Get butts off the stairs and stand up. Walk. Walk. Walk all the way down to ground floor. Ignore the pervs who were/are/might be/will be staring. Walk in the direction of SanFran Steakhouse.

When approaching destination, start acting POSH: speak proper English without grammar mistakes, don't use lah! or mah!, walk nicely and elegantly, show off the brand of your Versace bag (xinwen), walk like you're goddamn rich.

Once reached entrance of destination, look at the menu. Say things like: My goodness! Everything looks so yummy. But sadly, I'm really full, so maybe I'll just something light. What about you?
Get your partner in crime to act along and say: Oh yes indeed! I totally ah-gree with you.

Smile at the people there. Walk with class to a table. Order whatever it is you want. (Preferably ONE dish. The cheapest one, too. Since you're "so full" already.)

Once the people are MIA, relax and congratulate each other.

Once the people are Back In Action (BIA), talk posh, like you know everything under the sun. And put on slight accent. And even though you may not know exactly what you're babbling about, act as though it's the most matter-of-fact thing. Eg: "My goodness me, the economy currently. Tsk....." or "Do you know I saw this lovely pair of earrings the other day? They were so........"


And hey! We saw a bug!
LOOK closely there! The dot!

Okay, I know that posh people don't exactly go all EHMAGAWD over a tiny puny bug. And I think they don't snap photos of their accomplice.

It was fun acting high class yo!

♥; coffee

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