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Christmas Giveaway: Gillette MACH3 Turbo Razor.


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Ling ling long long! Christmas is just around the corner, meaning it's time for another Christmas giveaway!

This year, Gillette will be giving 5 lucky readers a MACH3 Turbo Razor each! Keep reading to find out how you can win :D

Post shaving redness is a common problem and typically, few make a fuss. Despite the high number of men experiencing redness, the majority claim to be satisfied with their current shaving regime. This suggests that both men and their partners live with the misconception that redness is an unavoidable consequence of a close shave.
Recently, Gillette launched the "Close Shave. Zero Redness" Challenge and called for men to stand up to post shave redness by using a razor that is tried and tested for ZERO REDNESS. To support this claim, Gillette is offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any customer who is not satisfied with the performance of the Gillette MACH3 product!

According to Gillette, there are 5 easy steps to the perfect shave.

1. Soak Before You Shave
Beard hair is about as tough as copper wire; soften it by washing your face and neck with warm water and a mild soap, removing natural oils and perspiration that inhibit water penetration. After approximately three minutes of soaking, your beard hair will be optimally softened; in fact, the force required to cut beard hair is reduced by almost 70 percent after only two minutes.

2. Apply Plenty Of Shave Gel
Although water is an essential softening agent, it evaporates quickly. Shaving cream or gel moisturises and softens beard hair, creating a protective layer of lubrication to maximise razor glide.

3. Use Light, Gentle Strokes
Use light, gentle strokes whether shaving with or against whisker growth. For ultimate comfort, use Gillette MACH3 razors.  The blades of Gillette MACH3 are developed to reduce pressure on the skin and result in a clean, close shave in a single stroke, reducing the cause of shaving irritation and redness.

4. Shave Tricky Spots Last
The toughest hairs grow on the chin and around the lips. Save these areas for last as more time soaking in shave gel will soften them further.

5. After Shaving, Rinse Your Face With Cool Water And Pat Dry
At the end of every shave, rinse your face and neck with cool water to close pores and soothe freshly exfoliated skin. Pat dry. Rinse your razor thoroughly and shake off excess water before storing. Do not wipe the blades, as this can damage the fine shaving surface.

Over the many years, Gillette has had many people ask them shaving related questions; Here's a list of the most commonly asked one.
Q: Is it better to use hot, cold or warm water to shave?
A: Warm water is best for hydrating beard hair. Soaking in warm water softens hair and causes it to expand, making it 70 percent easier to cut.

Q: What is the difference between shaving with shave gel and with soap and water?
A: Shave gel tends to be less drying than ordinary soap and water and won’t clog your razor the way soap can. Shave gels help retain skin moisture, making hairs easier to cut.

Q: What is the best way to avoid razor burn?
A: If the skin is not properly prepared before shaving or if the blade on your razor is dull, you are more likely to end up with razor burn. Make sure to hydrate hair in warm water for three minutes and apply plenty of shave gel. Also, be sure to change the blade on your razor at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.

Q: Is it okay to let my girlfriend or wife borrow my razor?
A: It’s not a good idea to share your razor with your partner. Women have a much larger area to shave and you may find that after only a few shaves, your blade has dulled considerably, increasing the likelihood of nicks and cuts. Tell her to try a razor specifically designed for the way a woman shaves.

Q: Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?
A: Scientists at Gillette have conducted extensive testing on the effects shaving has on both male and female hair growth, texture and color. This testing has proven that shaving does not affect hair growth, color or texture. Shaving does, however, alter the tip shape of the regrown hair, which may initially change the way hair feels as it grows back. But if hair is left to re-grow completely, it will return to its former state.

Q: In what direction should I shave to achieve the best shave?
A: Men’s facial hair tends to grow in different directions. Most men find using light, gentle strokes and shaving in the direction of whisker growth provides the closest, smoothest shave possible.

QHow do I avoid nicks and cuts, particularly above my upper lip?
A: The area above the upper lip is tricky for many men. Always leave it for last. Apply plenty of shave gel and allow this area to soak up as much lather as possible. Shave slowly and don’t apply too much pressure. 

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is:
  1. Email your answers to these questions to sabbyloh[at]
    Q1: Why is it important to use light, gentle strokes? 
    Q2: Name one of the ways to reduce razor burns.

    Q3: What is the name of the Gillette campaign launched recently?

  2. Be sure to include your:-
    IC No:
    Mailing Address:
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    Phone No:

  3. Keep your fingers crossed, and check your inbox on the 17th to see if you've won!
It's that simple!

GIVEAWAY STARTS ON: 12th December 2014

GIVEAWAY ENDS ON: 17th December 2014 (12PM)

Gillette's MACH3 Turbo Razor retails at RM15.90.

Disclaimer: Prizes sponsored by Gillette. I am not paid to host this giveaway. As with everything on my blog, my opinion remains 100% honest.


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