Friday, November 12, 2010


Ohh la lahh!

It's Friday night already! Time passes oh so quickly; ten more days of school and TAADAH, end of school term for 2010.

Damn. And igcse coming up next year. Yikes.

But anyway. Let's not care about that first, cause I'm super duper happy now :D :D :D
Cause I'm finally done with my Economics debate and Physics rocket launch. You know how I feel? I feel so happy till I don't even know how to express myself in words :O
The sense of accomplishment is like, WHOA.

during econ debate.

Overall, this week was pretty hectic. But so what. Saturday's less than 3hours away :D :D :D

I'm going shopping at Gardens tomorrow. As a treat. MWAHAH.

Let's think happy thoughts.

ps; might update again later on. cause i'm in the mood to blog. wheee! :D

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